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Positioning Tree Elements #12

brendon opened this Issue · 4 comments

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Hi there, I was just wondering what you'd recommend for ordering of the tree elements. nested set allows you to order the items inherently but ancestry doesn't seem to allow this. Should I go back to using acts_as_list along with ancestry? (I used to use that and acts_as_tree).

I certainly like having a separate position column and tree column. I've had major corruption issues with awesome_nested_set where I think it can't handle two people updating the tree near the same time. I'm hoping ancestry has built in capability to handle this problem?

Thanks heaps for your time :)



Sorry I just read the positioning post someone else put in here. Makes sense to me :)


Maybe I should add something about this to the readme


Hehe could be a good idea. I always forget to read the closed and unread issues for some reason :)


added the option to pass an order to arrange for Ruby 1.9 and later. Before that hashes can't be ordered at all.

This issue was closed.
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