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Inactivity (PLEASE READ) #25

stefankroes opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Hello everyone!

I realize I've not done anything about ancestry in quite some time.

I just released a Rails 3 compatible version and fixed up the test suite.

Since all issues where several months old and none of the pull requests would apply cleanly I removed them all.

If there is anything you would still like to see done on ancestry please create new issue or create a new pull request. I will do my very best to be more actively involved with the gem and release regular updates.


Don't be afraid to give commit rights to contributors. Thanks for updating it.


I'm always pretty OCD about my code but you're right of course. If anyone has some good pull requests and is serious about (helping me with) maintaining the gem, I would be happy to give them commit access.


Ok, rolftimmermans seems to quite active with ancestry and has produced some great code for it. I've just made him a collaborator.

This issue was closed.
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