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Trouble rendering #31

justinmalone opened this Issue · 5 comments

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Justin Malone Reinier de Lange Stefan Kroes StefanH
Justin Malone

Hi and thanks for ancestry,

Everything is working great in the console but I am getting an undefined method when I try to render this on my index page from within a partial:

"undefined method `name' for nil:NilClass

<%= %>

It does render the parent_id successfully.

<%= category.parent_id %>

In the console I get this, it returns the parent category name:

>> category = Category.find_by_id(2)

=> <Category id: 2, name: "Male", ancestry: "1">


=> "Human"

What am I doing wrong here?


Justin Malone

Reinier de Lange

which version of rails are you using?

Stefan Kroes

This is a bug in rails where conditions are applied when they shouldn't be.

Take a look in your console at the query that is produced when calling ; the conditions that you used to find category are applied along with the condition that selects on category.parent_id.

I reported this issue to the Rails Lighthouse at some point but they told me it would be fixed in Rails 3 when converting to Arel.

Perhaps if you submit the issue again and get some people behind it. I know for a fact that moiristo has the same problem.

If that doesn't work we could start looking into building workarounds into ancestry.

Stefan Kroes

Issue 44 #44 is on similar issues and also proposes a solution. For now you can apply this yourself. I will consider and test adding it to ancestry next time I find time to properly work on it.


Resolved on master in cd268b6 and e552e10

StefanH StefanH closed this
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