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Problem with parent_id and parent methods #65

ksnyder opened this Issue · 1 comment

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Perhaps I misunderstand how these are supposed to work. I have persisted object with two generations of ancestry, thus:

@page = Page.find(params[:id]) "============== @page.ancestry=#{@page.ancestry}"        #  @page.ancestry=1/2 "============== @page.parent_id=#{@page.parent_id}"    #  @page.parent_id= "============== @page.parent=#{@page.parent.inspect}"  #  @page.parent=nil

I expected parent_id to return 2. Of course I could parse the ancestry value myself, but I think I'm just missing something here. Thx.


Solved. We migrated from acts_as_tree and I thought I would continue calling parent_id= to set an object's parent. I added an attr_accessor for parent_id, and this stepped on Ancestry's parent and parent_id methods.

@ksnyder ksnyder closed this
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