Studying OOP paradigm with Ruby and cute animals
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This is a repository for my studies on Object Oriented Programming with Ruby. For that, I'm creating a RubyFarm with a bunch of cute animals :)


As a beginner, I was struggling to learn programming because I wasn't able to understand all the little things related to Software Development. I went straight to Ruby on Rails without having solid OOP foundations, for example. The good news is that I may have noticed that early on.

So I decided to go back to basics and learn OOP with Ruby. Even though there are other languages that I'm interested in, I decided to stick with Ruby for this purpose. And I love Ruby. Because it makes coding more fun and friendly <3


I am following Programming Ruby - The Pragmatic Programmer's Guide as a guide.

But for me, one resource that has been incredibly helpful is RubyTapas. I don't know how I didn't know that before, but every single screencast teaches me a lot. Specially because I'm more concerned now about how to write clean and reusable code, and RubyTapas is definitely teaching some great stuff related to that.

For testing, I am doing Lynda Rspec course - which I am enjoying a lot and recommend.

How does it work

Every commit will be new content that I learned and have fully understood. I will study something new and write code related to these new concepts. That will force me to also write better commit messages, so this content will be useful in the future (or at least try, let's be honest xD).


Tests are something that I'm getting to know better, but I still need lots of practice to feel like I'm truly comfortable with it, so I decided to use it on this repo.


Because this repo is for my studies, it would be awesome to receive some reviews and suggestions about my code quality. You can do that by creating a new Issue for now, that'll help a lot :)