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This is the web app version of Systemic: it is an application that lets you visualize and model exoplanetary radial velocities. A live version is available at -- click the URL to play!

A lot of work is still ongoing (orbital animation is the next improvement planned). I'd like this to ultimately become a "citizen science" tool to let amateurs, students and enthusiasts understand and visualize the radial velocity method for exoplanet discovery.

The core kernel library has been translated from C using Emscripten (see js/libsystemic.js for the gory auto-generated file). Charts are generated interactively using HighCharts. The HTML layout uses Twitter Bootstrap. The orbital plot is drawn using JCanvas. The GSL library (translated by Emscripten) is used for some of the numerical algorithms.

The source is still rough and uncommented. Feel free to contact me if you're interested in hacking on this project :D

Compiling from source

The SystemicLive javascript library (js/libsystemic.js) is generated using a special Makefile in the Systemic2 source. Compilation requires translating parts of the GSL library into Javascript; right now this is done manually. In the future, I will automate the process within the Makefile.


Systemic-Live is a web app to interactively discover exoplanets in real radial velocity datasets.






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