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- FIXED: Lots o' bugs, including some showstoppers when minimizing integrated fits.
- NEW: Fits can store text information, some of which is read from the .sys datafile.
- NEW: Direct links to Exoplanet Archive,, and SIMBAD from the GUI.
- NEW: Systemic checks whether new updates are available at startup.
- FIXED: Periodogram was reporting unnormalized periodogram. Fixed.
- FIXED: kselect(k, n, 'all') -- used to select all parameters for minimization -- will only select parameters that are flagged ACTIVE. If a parameter is not flagged ACTIVE (e.g. if the user decided to deactivate ECC and LOP to derive a circular fit), those parameters will not be selected for minimization.
2.1700 [August 12th, 2014]
- NEW: ktable function for showing the fit values as a table, suitable for exporting to TeX or HTML
- NEW: Bayesian Information Criterion menu item
- NEW: Quadratic trend term
- FIXED: bug where the semi-amplitude would be calculated incorrectly for massive bodies. (credit: Trifon Trifonov)
- FIXED: bug in simplex that would crash the application if the minimizer encountered a NaN value.
- FIXED: bug in the GUI that would crash the application in case of excessive text output.
- FIXED: Fixed naming of columns in the matrix returned by kdata().
- FIXED: bug where the radial velocity curve or periodogram would look excessively jagged.
- FIXED: bug in kperiodogram.boot where the function could crash.
- FIXED: bug in kperiodogram.boot where the function would only calculate the 'full' periodogram (instead of the periodogram of residuals)
- FIXED: bug in the GUI periodogram routine, where you could receive an error for certain power spectra.
- FIXED: Kernel plot using plot() respects the chosen xlim.
- FIXED: MCMC would crash in certain situations when set up from the menu.
- FIXED: 1LO-crossval returns the signed sum of logs, instead of the absolute value.
- FIXED: clarified the installation instructions (Readme.txt) for Linux. (credit: Franz Feldtkeller)
- FIXED: you can now choose a path for R that is not /usr/bin/R by selecting Help -> Set path to R...
- FIXED: F-test menu item uses the current kernel instead of the kernel named "k".
- Various bug-fixes in the plotting routines.
Bugs reported at are still open, will be fixed in 2.18.
2.1600 [March 6th, 2014]
- New default color scheme. Color schemes can be switched (under the Options menu)
- New menu items in periodogram plots
- Lifted limitation on the number of planets. Performance in the user interface decreases noticeably past ~15 planets (because of data being shuttled back and forth between the core and the GUI). This will be addressed in a future update.
- FIXED: bug for users that had locale settings using "," (or another character) as their decimal separator. The dot character is now used consistently throughout the interface. (credit for reporting: Brice-Olivier Demory)
- Added a feature for smoother/faster plotting in GUI
- Periodograms now print out the strongest peaks
- Periodograms are zoomable
- Fixed Cross-validation for fits with only one planet
- New menu item to add random Gaussian noise to data
- Smooth orbits plot from an error estimation object
- FIXED: Improved Linux installation instructions (credit for reporting: Thomas Kosvic)
- FIXED: bug in SWIFTRMVS on 32-bit installations (credit for reporting: Thomas Kosvic)
- Fixed bug where R would crash if integration were stopped from the GUI
- Added a new sample R script in sample/
- R does not hang when the user inputs a command where symbols are not balanced (e.g. a bracket or a quote that is not closed)
- Systemic can now send interrupt signals to R and attempt to escape loops
- Systemic can complete functions at the prompt
- Increased smoothness of curves
- Changed name of "local" directory to "deps" directory
- Restored proper antialiasing in the rendering of curves and points in plots
- Added a new "Data" menu to manipulate datasets