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macgrac commented Apr 9, 2014

Dear Stefano,

I noticed some bugs while using Systemic 2.16. Please find the list below.

Please correct me if I'm wrong but I think relativistic effects are not included in the code. The relativistic precession of pericenter may be important for hot planets. For instance, in the case of WASP-12 the expected period of the precession is about 17 yr, and observations obtained so far cover its significant fraction.


  • in TRANSIT TIMING plot in model mode the ttv signal ends at the penultimate point (I think the iteration loop ends one step too early)
  • while switching between kernels, the RV SIGNAL BY PLANET is not redrawn
  • while analyzing a dataset with nonconsecutive transit times I noticed that the TRANSIT TIMING plot is constructed as the minimal interval was taken as the orbital period, not a value listed in ORBITAL ELEMENTS. I noticed that adding an artificial data point, just one orbital period before or after any observed transit time makes the plot looking fine.
@stefano-meschiari stefano-meschiari self-assigned this Apr 18, 2014

Hi Gracjan,

Thanks for the report, the latter all look like easily fixable bugs for the next point release (in a couple of weeks at most).

Relativistic effects are not included but would not be hard to implement. I'll have a look at the literature and get back to you.

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