Simple leaflet control plugin for tracking gps position
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A leaflet control plugin for tracking gps position

Tested in Leaflet 0.7.7 and 1.3.0

Demos online:

How to use

Adding the GPS Control to the map:

map.addControl( new L.Control.Gps() );


I recommend a chrome extension: 'Manual Geolocation' for simulate gps device and set realtime position

Manual Geolocation

You can also use a dummy transform function:

var tinnedGps = { lat: 52.5, lng: -2.0 };
map.addControl( new L.Control.Gps( { transform: function(realGps) { return tinnedGps; } ) );


Demos online:

Source code:


Options Default Description
autoActive false activate control at startup
autoCenter false move map when gps location change
maxZoom null max zoom for autoCenter
textErr '' error message on alert notification
callErr null function that run on gps error activating
style {radius:5,color:'#c20',fillColor:'#f23'} default L.CircleMarker styles
marker null L.Marker used for location, default use a L.CircleMarker
accuracy true show accuracy Circle
title 'Center map on your location' title control on mouse over
position 'topleft' control position on map
transform function(latlng) { return latlng } return location before for gps marker
setView false automatically sets the map view to the user location


Event Data Description
'gps:located' {marker, latlng} fired after gps marker is located
'gps:disabled' {marker} fired after gps is disabled


Method Arguments Description
getLocation() return Latlng and marker of current position
activate() active tracking on runtime
deactivate() deactive tracking on runtime