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========== SFA-MaxLib

========== Overview

The SFA-MaxLib is a collection of Max/MSP objects developed in the context of the VCI4DMI. It includes functions and utilities in the form of FTM externals, FTM abstractions and Max abstractions. FTM is a shared library for Max/MSP developed by IRCAM, which provides a small and simple real-time object system and a set of optimized services to be used within Max/MSP externals. FTM extends the data types exchanged between Max/MSP objects by complex data structures such as sequences, matrices, dictionaries, break point functions, tuples and whatever might seem helpful for the processing of music, sound and motion capture data. FTM facilitates the porting to Max/MSP of MATLAB like code.

============ Installation

The SFA-MaxLib requires FTM to be installed in Max/MSP. The abstractions works on both OSX and Windows, while the externals are built for OSX only. The source code of the externals is provided in the folder "FTMexternals-sources" and the FTM SDK and Max SDK are required to build the externals.

Copy the "SFA-MaxLib" folder and subfolders within your Max/MSP search path (/Applications/Max 6.1/Cycling '74/ default for OSX). Move the .mxo files from the folder "FTMexernals" to the FTM externals folder (/Applications/Max 6.1/Cycling '74/ftm-and-co/externals/ for standard OSX installation). The SFA-MaxLib is published under LGPL3 License.

===================== List of FTM Externals

sfa.eig - eigenvalues sfa.inputcombinations - combination generator sfa.levinson - levinson-durbin recursion sfa.lpc2cep - lpc to cepstra conversion sfa.rastafilt - rasta filter sfa.rmd - relative mean difference sfa.roots - polynomial roots

===================== List of Abstractions

sfa.bark.maxpat - energy of the Bark bands from time domain frame sfa.bark2hz_vect.maxpat - Herts to Bark conversion sfa.barkspect.maxpat - energy of the Bark bands from spectrum sfa.ceil.maxpat - ceil function sfa.featfluxgate.maxpat - gated distance on stream of feature vectors sfa.fft2barkmx.maxpat - utility sub-abstraction of sfa.bark sfa.fft2barkmxN.maxpat - utility sub-abstraction of sfa.barkspect sfa.hynek_eq_coeff.maxpat - hynek equalization coefficients sfa.hz2bark.maxpat - Hertz to Bark conversion sfa.hz2bark_vect.maxpat - Hertz to Bark conversion for vectors sfa.hz2mel.maxpat - Hertz to Mel conversion sfa.idft_real_coeff.maxpat - utility sub-abstraction of sfa.rasta-plp sfa.maxminmem.maxpat - minimum and maximum of a stream of data sfa.mfcc.maxpat - MFCC coefficients sfa.modalphafilter.maxpat - 1st order IIR lowpass on a stream of vectors sfa.nonlinfeqscale.maxpat - linear spectrum to Bark or Mel scale conversion sfa.rasta-plp.maxpat - PLP and RASTA-PLP coefficients sfa.spectmoments.maxpat - 4 spectral moments (centroid, deviation, skewness, kurtosis) sfa.3spectmoments+flatness.maxpat - 3 spectral moments (centroid, deviation, skewness) and the spectral flatness sfa.spectralflux.maxpat - spectral flux on stream of spectrum vectors sfa.spectralfluxgate.maxpat - gated spectral flux on stream of spectrum vectors sfa.std.maxpat - standard deviation sfa.win_to_fft_size.maxpat - smaller FFT size given frame size sfa.GCemulator.maxpat - 3D gestural controller emulator