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OWIN middleware for Episerver

Anonymous Identification

The Anonymous Identification middleware supports anonymous ID from both a cookie and a custom header.

Configuration options

The middleware can be configured by creating an instance of the AnonymousIdentificationOptions class and setting the following properties, as needed.

Property Notes
CookieName Name of the cookie (defaults to ".ASPXANONYMOUS").
CookieDomain Domain for which the cookie may be used for (defaults to null).
CookiePath Path for which the cookie may be used for (defaults to "/").
CookieExpiration The maximum time in which the cookie is valid (defaults to 100000 minutes).
CookieRequireSSL Specifies whether or not the cookie should only be sent over HTTPS connections (defaults to false).
CookieSameSiteMode Specifies the SameSite mode of the cookie (defaults to Strict).
CookieSlidingExpiration Specifies whether or not the cookie expiration should be continuously extended on requests (defaults true).
CookieManager Specifies the ICookieManager implementation that the middleware should use (defaults to ChunkingCookieManager).
HeaderName Name of the customer header (defaults to "X-AnonymousId").
AnonymousIdDataFormat Specifies the ISecureDataFormat<AnonymousId> implementation that the middleware should use (defaults to AnonymousIdDataFormat).

Profile Migration

The Profile Migration middleware performs migration of carts, wish-lists and orders from an anonymous user to a logged-in user, when logging in to a user account.


Setting up Anonymous Identification and Profile Migration

Add the two middlewares to your Startup class, as shown below.

using Microsoft.Owin;
using Microsoft.Owin.Extensions;
using Owin;
using StefanOlsen.Episerver.Owin.AnonymousId;
using StefanOlsen.Episerver.Owin.ProfileMigration;

[assembly: OwinStartup(typeof(Startup))]
public class Startup
	public void Configuration(IAppBuilder app)
		// TODO: Add your own authentication middleware here.
		app.UseAnonymousAuthentication(new AnonymousIdentificationOptions
			CookieRequireSSL = false,
			CookieSlidingExpiration = true,
			CookieSameSiteMode = SameSiteMode.Strict

		// TODO: Add your own remaining middleware here.

Using ContactId/AnonymousID in code

When your code needs to get the ContactId for any purpose, use the new extension method, OwinPrincipalExtensions.GetContactId instead of the built-in extension PrincipalExtensions.GetContactId from the Mediachase.Commerce.Security namespace.

In many Episerver Commerce solutions, this is mainly called from the CartService. So make sure any usages are changed.

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