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Capistrano Handbook

This is the Capistrano handbook, designed to lower the barrier of entry for all would-be Capistrano users who have struggled to find documentation in the past. Enter the book

Unfortunately with no community contributions, and no free time I lost interest in writing the handbook. Sorry! It remains now only in the hope that some people will find some value in it. by @leehambley more than 4 months ago

After seen there are people who find some value.. I'm thinking about a way to lower the barrier and continue to work on the pages in the capistrano-handbook. The first step towards this made today. I've moved capistrano-handbook into a wiki to fix the broken links and let others easily edit pages.

To help and collaborate, read about how to clone the wiki with git. You can also contribute trough githubs wiki interface

For help, discussions and idea's, join the #capistrano IRC channel on Freenode

Thanks allot to @leemhambley and all the other contributors.