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Azure Scheduler OMS Solution


This OMS solution delivers a dashboard for Azure Scheduler collection and jobs. It will show failed jobs, jobs / collection, count of job executions etc.

This is an experimental solution for demos and testing.

The solution will deploy the following parts:

  • Creates a resource group
  • Creates an Azure Automation account
  • Deploys the PowerShell runbook / script to collect Azure Scheduler data
  • Creates a Azure Automation schedule to run the runbook to collect the data. It starts every one hour starting after deployment.
  • Creates Azure Automation variables for OMS workspace and key
  • Creates an Azure Automation variable for the current subscription id
  • Creates an Azure Automation credential with username and password
  • Updates the AzureRM.Profile and AzureRM.Scheduler modules
  • Installs the OMSIngestionsAPI module
  • Deploys an OMS workspace and installs the solution into the workspace

To deploy the solution use the button below and it will deploy it to your subscription.

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