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📰 I consume the world via RSS feeds, and this is my attempt to keep it that way.
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This app uses the API of other websites and gives you an RSS feed in return. Quick and simple.

To open vlc:// links, see vlc-protocol.

You can use this app freely at An experimental Elastic Beanstalk version is available.

Roll your own


To deploy to Elastic Beanstalk, see .ebextensions/

To deploy to Kubernetes, see kubernetes/

A Docker image is available on Docker Hub.


You need to get API keys for the respective services and populate the environment variables, e.g. by using an .env file.

A couple of services do not have official APIs, or do not require API keys, so they will work without any keys.

These services do not require API keys: Instagram, Periscope, Mixcloud, Speedrun, Ustream, Dailymotion.


Go to Twitter Application Management and create a new app.

Once you have the consumer key and consumer secret, run the following to get the bearer token.

curl -X POST -d grant_type=client_credentials -u CONSUMER_KEY:CONSUMER_SECRET

Copy the access_token and put it in the config.


Go to the Google Developer Console, create a project and a server key. Copy the server key. Enable "YouTube Data API v3" in the project.


Go to the Vimeo developer website and create an app. Then create a personal access token.


Note: This requires an app with the Page Public Content Access permission which requires manual approval from Facebook and is quite difficult to get. The official RSSBox website doesn't support Facebook anymore for this reason.

Go to the Facebook developer website and create an app. Copy your app id and secret.

Facebook live hax: After a live stream has ended, trying to access the stream via playlist.m3u8 will still give you a list of .ts files, however the domain is which doesn't resolve. However, if you edit your /etc/hosts file and point that domain to the IP of, you can watch the video again (use dig +short). This only works for a couple of days after the live event.


Go to the SoundCloud developer website and create an app. Copy your client id and secret.


Go to your Twitch settings and create an app. Copy your client id.


Go to the Imgur settings and create an app. Copy your client id.

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