Deluge plugin for adding default trackers to all the new torrents
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This is a Deluge plugin that allows you to create a list of default trackers that will be added to new public torrents (and old ones after restarting Deluge). The plugin will not duplicate existing trackers and does not care how the torrent was added so it works perfectly fine with infohashes.

Private torrents are excluded on purpose, because their metadata is not supposed to reach public trackers.

Besides manually creating the default tracker list, you can also load it (periodically) from a URL.


  • create the egg with

    python bdist_egg

(or try to use the one from the egg directory - be careful to install the py2.7 version of Deluge, if you're using Windows)

  • add it to Deluge from Preferences -> Plugins -> Install Plugin



  • log the added trackers so we can remove them from torrents when they are deleted from the default list
  • WebUI version