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Commits on Nov 29, 2011
  1. @fperez

    Fixes #1027, the previous fix had a problem under windows.

    fperez authored
    Ensure that scripts are newline-terminated, apparently py3 complains when there's a missing newline and the last line ends in a comment.  This is probably a python bug, but we should protect against it nonetheless.
  2. @fperez

    Fix typo spotted by @takluyver.

    fperez authored
Commits on Nov 28, 2011
  1. @fperez
  2. @fperez
  3. @fperez

    Match the max tooltip and bottom area sizes in the notebook.

    fperez authored
    This prevents the tooltip from going below the bottom of the page,
    which makes it inaccessible by any mechanism and thus useless.
  4. @fperez

    Temporary fix to work around #1057.

    fperez authored
    Basically it reverts the effect of #956 and goes back to a static list
    for the 'all magics' menu.  I tried to mark very clearly the new code
    so we can disable it once a proper fix for #1057 is committed, but we
    can't have a broken qt console in master.
  5. @fperez
  6. @minrk

    update some parallel docs

    minrk authored
    * add ssh ipcontroller/ipengine example (closes #1017)
    * generated new performance numbers with SGE cluster
    * fix some remaining stale references
    * removed some screenshots, in favor of editable text
    closes #980
  7. @minrk

    fix mcpricer example

    minrk authored
    The meshgrid used for plotting was completely wrong
    Use regular x,y plot instead, and add figure() calls, so that it isn't broken everywhere but the notebook with inline backend and default config.
    figures in parallel docs are regenerated with the changes
  8. @minrk
  9. @minrk
  10. @minrk

    minor cleanup in ipcontroller/ipengine

    minrk authored
    small adjustments to log formatting, and add new info-level
    message indicating full path of json files being written/read.
Commits on Nov 27, 2011
  1. @Carreau @fperez

    Warning in code. qtconsole ssh -X

    Carreau authored fperez committed
    Put warning in code not to remove an action needed when ssh -X.
    "All magics..." menu  should be autopopulated at startup, but is not
    when X forwarding, Warn in code that inserting  'update all magic menu'
    action in this same menu is not as useless as it may seem
  2. @takluyver
  3. @fperez

    Merge pull request #1036 from stefanv/javascript_cleanup

    fperez authored
    Clean up javascript based on js2-mode feedback.
  4. @fperez

    Merge pull request #1052 from fperez/pylab-fix

    fperez authored
    Fix bug in pylab support introduced in #648, and refactor the pylab/gui support to eliminate a lot of code duplication we had in a number of places. 
    Now all duplicate code is gone, and the only real difference is how gui event loops are integrated, which is reduced to a single static method that each relevant class grabs from its specific machinery.
  5. @fperez

    fix docstring

    fperez authored
  6. @fperez
  7. @fperez
  8. @fperez
  9. @fperez

    Add missing file.

    fperez authored
  10. @fperez
  11. @fperez

    Move zmq event loop support into a separate file.

    fperez authored
    This avoids a circular import problem, and also organizes more cleanly
    the code that is event-loop specific.
  12. @fperez

    Refactor gui/pylab integration to eliminate code duplication.

    fperez authored
    Also, fix a few tests that the previous commit broke.
  13. @fperez

    Fix critical bug with pylab support inadvertently introduced in #648.

    fperez authored
    code used it as a dict.  Updated that code to handle a dict correctly,
    and added tests to catch this issue in the future (also increases test
    coverage of pylab code).
  14. @fperez

    Merge pull request #648 from takluyver/usermod

    fperez authored
    Clean up handling of global namespaces with the proper semantics.
    A global namespace should always be tied to a module: pickle accesses classes via the module in which they're defined. So I've changed the arguments for instantiating an InteractiveShell to include `user_module` in place of `user_global_ns`. The global namespace simply becomes a reference to `user_module.__dict__`.
    For instantiating InteractiveShell, there are four possibilities:
    * Neither `user_ns` nor `user_module` is given. A new (real) module is created named `__main__`, and its `__dict__` becomes the global and local namespace. This is what happens when starting IPython normally.
    * Only `user_module` is given. Its `__dict__` becomes the global and local namespace.
    * Both `user_ns` and `user_module` are given. `user_module.__dict__` is the global namespace, and `user_ns` is the local namespace. Note that we can't interactively define closures over variables in the local namespace (this seems to be a limitation of Python).
    * Only `user_ns` is given. It is treated as the global and local namespace, and a `DummyMod` object is created to refer to it. This is intended as a convenience, especially for the test suite. The recommended way to pass in a single global namespace is as a reference to the module.
    `embed()` digs out the locals and the module from the frame in which it's called.
    Closes gh-29, closes gh-693.
  15. @takluyver
  16. @takluyver
  17. @takluyver
  18. @takluyver
  19. @fperez

    Merge pull request #969 from takluyver/pexpect-u

    fperez authored
    Improvements to pexpect to work correctly with Python 3.
    This brings in a more complete port of pexpect that I've been working on recently, called (for now) [pexpect-u]( It's compatible with Python 2.6 and up, including 2to3 conversion to Python 3.
    I've contacted the author of pexpect about working these changes back in. But this could take a while - pexpect has previously supported very old versions of Python (the docs claim it's been tested on Python 1.5), so I'll have to see how much compromise is possible.
  20. @takluyver
  21. @takluyver
  22. @takluyver
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