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This package contains the LyX layout and template files for Danie Els's
Stellenbosch Thesis bundle, which can be found at:

To use it, you must first install LyX:

If you are using a pre-packaged TeX distribution such as TeX Live,
MikTeX, or any of the Linux distributions, the `usthesis` package can
be installed via the package manager.

Installation: Debian / Ubuntu
- Required packages: texlive-publishers, texlive-lang-dutch

Installation: Other systems

0) Download usthesis:

1) Place usthesis.lyx in


e.g. /home/johnd/.lyx/templates or
     c:\Documents and Settings\John Doe\.lyx\templates

2) Place usthesis.layout in


3) Do Edit -> Reconfigure in LyX
   (Tools -> Reconfigure in LyX 1.4)

4) Open usthesis.lyx and customise.
  - General (Layout -> Document -> Layout)
  - Bibliography (Right-click on BiBTeX Generated References)
  - SI Style, extra packages (Layout -> Document -> Preamble)

Open the included template (usthesis.lyx) to see how the different
styles are used.

Take note of these styles

* FrontChapter
    Unnumbered chapter inserted before main part of document.

* MainMatter
    Seperates front and main document content.

* Definition
    Spaced list of definitions useful for symbols/abbreviations.

* Appendix
    Appendix chapter with alphabetical page numbering.

Styles requiring special attention

Requires parameter:
* Author
* Degree
* Date

More than one name separated by TeX "\and":
* Studyleader

* Copyright
* Declaration

Both needed:
* Abstract
* Samevatting

When compiling to dvi, you may see a vertical page offset.  Use
pdflatex instead.

Stefan van der Walt <>

Francois Cilliers <>