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Python Computer Vision Library

This library of fast computer vision algorithms (all implemented in C++) operates over numpy arrays for convenience.

Notable algorithms:
  • watershed.
  • convex points calculations.
  • hit & miss. thinning.
  • Zernike & Haralick, LBP, and TAS features.
  • freeimage based numpy image loading (requires freeimage libraries to be installed).
  • Speeded-Up Robust Features (SURF), a form of local features.
  • thresholding.
  • convolution.
  • Sobel edge detection.
  • spline interpolation


This is a simple example of loading a file (called test.jpeg) and calling watershed using above threshold regions as a seed (we use Otsu to define threshold).

import numpy as np
from scipy import ndimage
import mahotas
import pylab

img = mahotas.imread('test.jpeg')
T_otsu = mahotas.thresholding.otsu(img)
seeds,_ = ndimage.label(img > T_otsu)
labeled = mahotas.cwatershed(img.max() - img, seeds)

Here is a very simple example of using mahotas.distance (which computes a distance map):

import pylab as p
import numpy as np
import mahotas

f = np.ones((256,256), bool)
f[200:,240:] = False
f[128:144,32:48] = False
# f is basically True with the exception of two islands: one in the lower-right
# corner, another, middle-left

dmap = mahotas.distance(f)

(This is under mahotas/demos/

How to invoke thresholding functions:

import mahotas
import numpy as np
from pylab import imshow, gray, show, subplot
from os import path

photo = mahotas.imread('', as_grey=True)
photo = photo.astype(np.uint8)

T_otsu = mahotas.otsu(photo)
thresholded_otsu = (photo > T_otsu)

T_rc = mahotas.rc(photo)
thresholded_rc = (photo > T_rc)


You will need python (naturally), numpy, and a C++ compiler. Then you should be able to either

Download the source and then run:

python install

or use one of:

pip install mahotas
easy_install mahotas

You can test your instalation by running:

python -c "import mahotas; mahotas.test()"


For bugfixes, feel free to use my email:

For more general with achieving certain tasks in Python, the pythonvision mailing list is a much better venue and generates a public discussion log for others in the future.

Recent Changes

0.9.2 (September 1 2012)

  • Fix compilation on Mac OS X 10.8 (reported by Davide Cittaro)
  • Freeimage fixes on Windows by Christoph Gohlke
  • Slightly faster _filter implementaiton

0.9.1 (August 28 2012)

  • Python 3 support (you need to use 2to3)
  • Haar wavelets (forward and inverse transform)
  • Daubechies wavelets (forward and inverse transform)
  • Corner case fix in Otsu thresholding
  • Add soft_threshold function
  • Have polygon.convexhull return an ndarray (instead of a list)
  • Memory usage improvements in regmin/regmax/close_holes (first reported as issue #9 by thanasi)

0.9 (July 16 2012)

  • Auto-convert integer to double on gaussian_filter (previously, integer values would result in zero-valued outputs).
  • Check for integer types in (reg|loc)(max|min)
  • Use name out instead of output for output arguments. This matches Numpy better
  • Switched to MIT License

0.8.1 (June 6 2012)

  • Fix gaussian_filter bug when order argument was used (reported by John Mark Agosta)
  • Add morph.cerode
  • Improve regmax() & regmin(). Rename previous implementations to locmax() & locmin()
  • Fix erode() on non-contiguous arrays

0.8 (May 7 2012)

  • Move features to submodule
  • Add function
  • Add morph.regmax & morph.regmin functions
  • Add morph.close function
  • Fix morph.dilate crash

0.7.3 (March 14 2012)

  • Fix installation of test data
  • Greyscale erosion & dilation
  • Use imread module (if available)
  • Add output argument to erode() & dilate()
  • Add 14th Haralick feature (patch by MattyG) --- currently off by default
  • Improved zernike interface (zernike_moments)
  • Add remove_bordering to labeled
  • Faster implementation of bwperim
  • Add roundness shape feature

0.7.2 (February 13 2012)

There were two minor additions:

  • Add as_rgb (especially useful for interactive use)
  • Add Gaussian filtering (from scipy.ndimage)

And a few bugfixes:

  • Fix type bug in 32 bit machines (Bug report by Lech Wiktor Piotrowski)
  • Fix convolve1d
  • Fix rank_filter

0.7.1 (January 6 2012)

The most important change fixed compilation on Mac OS X

Other changes:

  • Add convolve1d
  • Check that convolution arguments have right dimensions (instead of crashing)
  • Add descriptor_only argument to surf.descriptors
  • Specify all function signatures on

0.7 (December 5 2011)

The big change was that the dependency on scipy was removed. As part of this process, the interpolate submodule was added. A few important bug fixes as well.

  • Allow specification of centre in Zernike moment computation
  • Fix Local Binary Patterns
  • Remove dependency on scipy
  • Add interpolate module (from scipy.ndimage)
  • Add labeled_sum & labeled_sizes
  • gvoronoi no longer depends on scipy
  • mahotas is importable without scipy
  • Fix bugs in 2D TAS (reported by Jenn Bakal)
  • Support for 1-bit monochrome image loading with freeimage
  • Fix GIL handling on errors (reported by Gareth McCaughan)
  • Fix freeimage for 64-bit computers

0.6.6 (August 8 2011)

  • Fix fill_polygon bug (fix by joferkington)
  • Fix Haralick feature 6 (fix by Rita Simões)
  • Implement morph.get_structuring_element for ndim > 2. This implies that functions such as label() now also work in multiple dimensions
  • Add median filter & rank_filter functions
  • Add template_match function
  • Refactor by use of mahotas.internal
  • Better error message for when the compiled modules cannot be loaded
  • Update contact email. All docs in numpydoc format now.

For version 0.6.5

  • Add max_points & descriptor_only arguments to
  • Fix haralick for 3-D images (bug report by Rita Simões)
  • Better error messages
  • Fix hit&miss for non-boolean inputs
  • Add label() function

For version 0.6.4

  • Fix bug in cwatershed() when using return_lines=1
  • Fix bug in cwatershed() when using equivalent types for image and markers
  • Move tests to mahotas.tests and include them in distribution
  • Include ChangeLog in distribution
  • Fix compilation on the Mac OS
  • Fix compilation warnings on gcc

For version 0.6.3

  • Improve mahotas.stretch() function
  • Fix corner case in surf (when determinant was zero)
  • threshold argument in
  • imreadfromblob() & imsavetoblob() functions
  • max_points argument for
  • Add mahotas.labeled.borders function

For version 0.6.2

Bugfix release:

  • Fix memory leak in _surf
  • More robust searching for freeimage
  • More functions in to retrieve intermediate results
  • Improve compilation on Windows (patches by Christoph Gohlke)

0.6.1 (Dec 13 2010)

  • SURF local features
  • Convolution
  • mahotas.labeled functions
  • just_filter option in edge.sobel()
  • Release the GIL in morphological functions

0.6 (Nov 22 2010)

  • Improve Local Binary patterns (faster and better interface)
  • Much faster erode() (10x faster)
  • Faster dilate() (2x faster)
  • TAS for 3D images
  • Haralick for 3D images
  • Fix mahotas.imread for RGBA images


API Docs:

Mailing List: Use the pythonvision mailing list for questions, bug submissions, etc.

Author: Luis Pedro Coelho (with code by Zachary Pincus [from scikits.image], Peter J. Verveer [from scipy.ndimage], and Davis King [from dlib])