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Mosaic photos made from map tiles
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Stefan Verhoeff

This app will read in an uploaded image and create a mosaic image based on it composed of map tiles. You would be able to render your avatar with tiles from a chosen city.

Try out the latest map-mosaic snapshot online

Planning to use:

  • Canvas
  • Nokia Map API


  • Github
  • Fetch tiles
    • Load balance between domains
  • Load in canvas
    • X-origin proxy
  • try sort by hue
  • Slice partial tiles
  • Store raw pixel data in tile cache
  • Algorithm for matching image
    • Calc average color
    • Closest match for r-g-b values
    • Detect shapes?
    • Greyscales values / hue
    • Alpha-blend with uploaded image
    • Shape based matching, use edge detecion?
  • Need cache for rendered tiles?
    • Local script
    • Or browser + localStorage?
  • De-couple number of tiles fetched from image size
  • Support arbitrary image sizes
  • Fix Chrome
  • Restructure code, split off into files, files into folders
  • Deploy on 5-apps, or nodester
  • Add proxy for CORS to map-tile server written in Node, for more easy local running
  • Upload & read image
    • Frontend? Canvas?
  • Display uploaded image
  • Use map api to display, zoomable tiles
  • Webworkers
  • Pick bounding box for tiles
    • Random planet
    • City
    • Around lat/lng
    • Select from map, can read tiles directly from map in DOM?


Name: MapMosaic App ID: ayTdeMpluq0EkCHDIplm Token/AppCode: SxHxfkhbfzGOzF2AeBZTnQ

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