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Updated Readme mentioning the visual setup guide

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@@ -6,6 +6,10 @@ Seriesly is an easy TV schedule for your favorite shows. It can be run free of c
+[A nice guide with screenshots can be found here](
1. Download the code or fork the repository.
2. Download the [Google App Engine SDK for Python](
3. Create a [Google App Engine application]( (you need a Google account).
@@ -18,16 +22,7 @@ Setup
Getting Shows In
-This should be much simpler and nicer. Anyways.
-1. Go to ` SHOW NAME`
-2. Find the right show in the XML and note it's `showid`
-3. Go to `` and sign in with your administrator account that is in the `` (see above step 5)
-4. Enter previously noted `showid` into interface.
-5. The show has been added and should be available after cache expiry.
-Damn. This should be easier.
+Follow the [visual import guide!](
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