Command line tool to check & fix extensions before importing into Qlik Sense Server.
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Check and fix extensions before importing into Qlik Sense Server.


ext-check is a NodeJS based command line tool which was primarily developed to solve a degrade in Qlik Sense 2.1.1 which prevents extensions containing specific files from being uploaded to Qlik Sense server.

The following scenarios are supported:

  • Check a zip file whether it will likely work in Qlik Sense server or not
  • List all file-types in a zip file
  • List all files for a given file-type in a zip file
  • Fix a zip file and remove all files which are not working in the official Qlik Sense 2.1.1 release


Node.js + NPM installed on your system.


Install the tool globally.

npm install ext-check -g  


Run ext-check in the command line using one of the following options:


  • --help (alias -h) - Show the help
  • --list (alias -l) - List all file-extensions and their usage count in the given zip file
  • --listdir (alias -ldir) - List all file-extensions in a directory, grouped by zip file
  • --listdetails (alias -ld) - List all files where a specific file extension is used
  • --fix (alias -f) - Whether to fix the file or not (defaults to false) -- NOT WORKING YET
  • --backup (alias -b) - Whether to create a backup or not (defaults to true)

Usage Examples

Just check

Just check the visualization extension, the output in the command line will indicate if there is a problem which needs to be fixed.

ext-check ""
ext-check "c:\MyExtensions\"

List file-extensions used

ext-check "" --list
ext-check "" -l

List all files for a specific file extension

ext-check "" --listdetails=".json"
ext-check "" --ld=".json"

Check and fix

Checks the extension, fixes potential problems in the source zip-file (create a backup with %filename%.bak before) immediately.

ext-check "" --fix

Check and fix, no backup

ext-check "" --fix --backup=false

Get the MIME type for a file extension

ext-check ".json" --mime

Known limitations

  • Currently the tool is developed especially to validate scenarios around Qlik Sense 2.1.1 (but this might change in the future)
  • Password protected zip files are currently not supported


Pull requests and stars are always welcome. For bugs and feature requests, please create an issue. The process for contributing is outlined below:

  1. Create a fork of the project
  2. Work on whatever bug or feature you wish
  3. Create a pull request (PR)

I cannot guarantee that I will merge all PRs but I will definitely evaluate them all.


Stefan Walther


Released under the MIT license.

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