Improved WebPageViewer Object Extension for QlikView (QV11)
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QlikView Extension - WebPageViewer2

QlikView Extension to display a web page in QlikView.

This is a replacement for the WebPageViewer extension which is installed as one of the extension examples when installing QlikView 11.


Basically this only fixes one bug of the WebPageViewer extension and adds some new features in comparison to the default WebPageViewer-extension:

  • Bugfix for multiple instances of WebPageViewer on one sheet
    The standard WebPageViewer extension does not allow to place multiple instances of the extension on one sheet.

  • New Feature: Prevent Interaction
    If this option is ticked the user will not be able to interact with the web page loaded in the extension (e.g. clicking on links, etc.)

  • New Feature: Prevent Reloading Url
    If the Url does not change (e.g. when making some selections in QlikView) the web page will only be refreshed if the setting Prevent reloading if Url does not change is set to false.


Adding the WebPageViewer2 Extension:
Adding the WebPageViewer2 Extension

Configuration Dialog:
Configuration Dialog

Installation & Configuration

  1. Download the extension
  2. Install the extension on your local computer (doubleclick on the .qar file)
  3. Drag'n'Drop the extension within QlikView Desktop (using WebView)
  4. Set the desired properties:
    • Set the web page Url
    • Define whether interaction with the loaded web site should be prevented or not
  5. Finally deploy the extension to your server (-> detailed instruction)


License & Credits

The software is made available "AS IS" without any warranty of any kind under the MIT License (MIT). Since this is a private project QlikTech support agreement does not cover support for this software.

For further license related information please go to license page