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Qlik Sense Extension Recipes

Recipes on working with Qlik Sense Visualization Extensions.

Table of Contents

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While working a lot with the concept of Extension in Qlik Sense I thought it helps other people to share not only production-ready visualization extensions but also some experiments, prototypes, etc.

So this is more or less my playground to test concepts, to test how the Visualization Extension API for Qlik Sense is documented, etc.


  • Angular-BasicExample

    • Simple example how to use AngularJS (templates & directives) in Qlik Sense Visualization Extensions.
  • Angular-Events

    • Sample how to consume events in AngularJS based visualization extensions.
  • Bootstrap-Clash

    • Sample how Bootstrap can clash with the style of Qlik Sense
  • Bootstrap

    • Sample how to solve the Bootstrap clash
  • Change Properties

    • Make changes to your custom properties programmatically.
  • HyperCubeOnTheFly

    • Create a HyperCube on the fly, based on dimensions and measures defined in the property panel.
  • HyperCubePaging

    • Example how to get more than 10.000 data-points using a hypercube and data-paging.
  • PropertyAccordion

    • Example how to create custom sections, headers and custom properties in the property accordion.
  • RequireJS CSS Plugin

    • Use requireJS' CSS Plugin to load external CSS files.
  • TableAPI ExportData (paint)

    • Export data using the Table-API (Qlik Sense 2.1 or higher)

Read the located in every sample for more information.


Stefan Walther


Copyright © 2015 Stefan Walther

Released under the MIT license.

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A collection of recipes to speed up development of Qlik Sense Visualization Extensions.





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