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Sheet Navigation + Actions visualization extension for Qlik Sense.


The Visualization Extension sense-navigation for Qlik Sense allows you to add a button to a Qlik Sense sheet to navigate in your app:

  • Go to first sheet
  • Go to next sheet
  • Go to previous sheet
  • Go to last sheet
  • Go to a sheet
  • Go to a sheet (defined by sheet Id)
  • Go to a story
  • Open a website / eMail
  • Switch to the Edit mode

The button can be easily styled nicely by selecting some of the predefined designs (Leonardo UI or Bootstrap) or modified with your custom CSS.

Furthermore sense-navigation offers the option to define a chain of 1-n actions which will be executed before the navigation happens.

For example:

  • Apply a bookmark
  • Clear selections
  • Lock selections
  • Unlock selections
  • Select value(s) in a field
  • Select alternatives
  • Select possible values in a field
  • Set a variable value

See here for a complete list of all available 20 actions.

Note: The main difference between version 0.x and 1.x of sense-navigation is that with v1.x you can define a chain of unlimited actions instead of just two.

Installation & Download

Fresh Installation

  1. ⚠️ Do not download the entire Github repository, this will not work!
  2. Download the latest version version (or any other version you want to install).
  3. Then install on either Qlik Sense Desktop or Qlik Sense Server:
  • Qlik Sense Desktop
    • To install, unzip all files and copy the content to the folder folder "C:\Users\%USERNAME%\Documents\Qlik\Sense\Extensions\sense-navigation"
  • Qlik Sense Server

If you are running into any troubles, see here for some FAQs.

You are already using an sense-navigation version < 1.x?

  • I have unfortunately bad news: All versions < 1.x of sense-navigation are completely incompatible with version v1.x!
  • If you upgrade to v1.x, you will have to
    • First uninstall the old sense-navigation extension (delete the folder in Qlik Sense Desktop or use QMC in Qlik Sense Server to remove the extension)
    • First install the new version of sense-navigation.
    • Delete existing old instances of sense-navigation object in your apps.
    • Add it again to your sheets and apply the previous configurations.

Should I upgrade?

See here for more information what v1.x gives you and whether you should upgrade or not.

Where do I find the 0.8x version of sense-navigation

Version v8.x of sense-navigation is available here.


sense-navigation offers various options to define the layout of a button:

Button Themes

There are several predefined styles available, you can choose from:

Button icons

Every button can also include an icon. You can chose from a list of 851 available icons:

Button Style by Qlik Expression

Buttons can also chose a predefined style/theme based based on a custom expression:

Custom Styles (Custom CSS)

If you want to have full freedom over designing your button, just use your custom CSS:



Drag & drop the object onto a sheet (as you would do it with any other native object or visualization extension). Then define how the sense-navigation should behave:


Example Application

If you want to try the various options of this extension, download the sample application

Some screenshots of the sample application


sense-navigation is designed to work with Qlik Sense September 2017 or higher.

This extension has been extensively tested with the following versions of Qlik Sense:

  • Qlik Sense Desktop June 2018
  • Qlik Sense Enterprise June 2018
  • Qlik Sense Desktop September 2018
  • Qlik Sense Enterprise September 2018

If you want to use sense-navigation in older versions, install an older version than v1.0.

The following browsers have been tested:

  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Firefox
  • Edge
  • Chrome

sense-navigation & Mashups

sense-navigation it built to be used within the Qlik Sense Client. Any usage in a mashup-based solution might work, but there are many features in sense-navigation which can just never work in a mashup-based solution (e.g. "Go to next sheet", "Go to edit mode", etc.). So use sense-navigation in a mashup-based solution only at your own risk!

sense-navigation & DevHub

If you want use & modify the extension in DevHub, do the following:

  • Use the file ./build/*, this always represents the latest development build (so no minimized/uglified files, etc.)

Related projects

Some related projects (Qlik Sense Visualization Extensions) I have recently created:


Room for improvements / contribution

Is there anything else you'd like to see in this visualization extension?

  • Don't hesitate to add the feature and create a pull request!
  • You don't have the time or skills to implement this specific feature? No problem, drop a note here.

Authors & Contributors

Stefan Walther



Pull requests and stars are always welcome. For bugs and feature requests, please create an issue.

I cannot guarantee that I will merge all PRs but I will evaluate them all.

Some Contribution Instructions



Change log


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