Sheet Navigation + Actions for Qlik Sense.
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Sense Sheet Navigation + Actions visualization extension for Qlik Sense.

HEADS-UP: I am working on a major revision of sense-navigation, which is already available as v1.0-alpha. Please have a look at this branch: v1.0 - Beta

Purpose and Description

The Visualization Extension sense-navigation for Qlik Sense allows you to add a button to a Qlik Sense sheet to navigate in your app:

  • Go to the next sheet
  • Go to the previous sheet
  • Go to a specific sheet
  • Go to a sheet (defined by the sheet Id)
  • Go to a story
  • Open a website

The button can be easily styled nicely by selecting some of the predefined designs.

Furthermore sense-navigation offers the option to define up to two basic actions which will be executed before the navigation happens. The following actions are possible:

  • Apply a bookmark
  • Clear all selections
  • Clear selections in a field
  • Lock field
  • Unlock all selections
  • Select a value in a field
  • Select multiple values in a field
  • Select excluded values
  • Select alternative values
  • Set a variable value
  • Apply a bookmark
  • Select and lock field


Button styles

There are several predefined styles available from which you can choose:

Button icons

Every button can also include an icon:

Installation & Download

  1. Download the latest version or any other version you want to install.
  2. Then install on either Qlik Sense Desktop or Qlik Sense Server:
  • Qlik Sense Desktop
    • To install, unzip all files and copy the content to the folder folder "C:\Users\%USERNAME%\Documents\Qlik\Sense\Extensions\sense-navigation"
  • Qlik Sense Server


Drag & drop the object onto a sheet (as you would do it with any other native object or visualization extension). Then define how the sense-navigation should behave:


  • Label - The buttons label.
  • Style - Select one of the predefined styles.
  • Button Width - Whether the button should spread of the entire grid column or just be as wide as necessary.
  • Alignment - Align the button to "Left", "Center" or right of the parent container.
  • Multiline - Whether the button can take one than more line.
  • Icon - Choose one of the provided icons (based on Font Awesome)

Navigation Behavior

Define the behavior of the button. The following options are available:

  • Go to the next sheet
  • Go to the previous sheet
  • Go to a specific sheet (if selected you'll see a list of sheets you can select from)
  • Go to a story (if selected you'll see a list of stories you can select from)
  • Open website (if selected, you'll have to enter the URL in the appearing text box)


You can furthermore define up to two action which will be executed before the navigation behavior will be performed.

First enable this option:

Then select from the list of predefined actions:

Depending on the selected action you'll see additional settings you can define, e.g. define the name of a variable and its value:

As soon as you have defined the first action, you will also be able to define a second action.


sense-navigation is designed to work with Qlik Sense 2.1.1 or higher. If you use the extension in an older version of Qlik Sense some functionality (like navigating to another sheet, etc.) will simply not work because the Capability APIs used in this extension are not available in earlier versions.

Room for improvement / contribution

  • Allow to add additional styles for the button (very similar to sense-themable-kpi-tile)
  • Allow templates for buttons (see here)
  • Additional actions, e.g.
    • Reload the app
    • Opening another app and pass the current selections to the app (similar to "document chaining in QlikView")
  • Allow icons instead of images (see here)
  • Select fields instead of defining fields in the expression editor (see here)

Is there anything else you'd like to see in this visualization extension?

  • Don't hesitate to add the feature and create a pull request!
  • You don't have the time or skills to implement this specific feature? No problem, drop a note here.


Pull requests and stars are always welcome. For bugs and feature requests, please create an issue. The process for contributing is outlined below:

  1. Create a fork of the project
  2. Work on whatever bug or feature you wish
  3. Create a pull request (PR)

I cannot guarantee that I will merge all PRs but I will evaluate them all.

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