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Remotion Animated Logo

Remotion Animated

A delightful way to animate objects in Remotion.

License remotion-animated on npm TypeScript

What is Remotion Animated?

The idea behind Remotion Animated is to simplify and speed up the creation of simple animations in your Remotion projects, by:

  • Moving the animation logic fully into the JSX, using the <Animated /> component;
  • Providing defaults that make animations look great out-of-the-box;
  • Making it easy to chain multiple timed animations.

Documentation and Examples

See the documentation and examples for this package on the package website.


To get started with this package in your Remotion project, install remotion-animated using the package manager of your choice:

Install using npm

npm i remotion-animated

Install using yarn

yarn add remotion-animated


This package and its source code is available under the MIT license. Read the full license terms here.