The resurrection of xProcs in the Swift world ;)
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In the year 1995 I write a library named xProcs. At that time I'm totally engaged with Delphi came from Borland and using Object-Pascal as my primary language. I spread the lib as sourcecode on CompuServe (the Internet as we know it now wasn't present at that time ;) ) and so got a lot of developers into their hands and using it. I publish it as Freeware but ask for send me a postcard. So I get a bunch of cards from all over the world.

Now we have the year 2018 and I decide to give xProcs a resurrection. But as the time my language switch from Pascal to C#. Also I move my computer from DOS to Windows and at least to the Apple universum and Linux. I also make some steps with Clojure and Objective-C but as Swift came out I fall in love with that language. It's have a lot of common with C# and also with Pascal and some new stuff more a functional style which I see also in the Clojure world.

So now I would present xProcs twenty years ahead but for the Swift world.

In the meantime so much changing in our world, we have global communications very easy, my computer shrink's to a small MacMini with a lot of wireless input devices. The source code can be managed and deployed under git, everybody can link it easy with the Swift Package Manager into their own projects. My U.S. Robotics Modem isn't any longer present instead of 9.600 Baud and expensive CompuServe dialup networking I now have synchron fibre at the speed of 100MBit at my home.

But the software techniques didn't changed in such speed. Still in 2018 we have the task for padding string's, etc. But I also discover a lot of new things like 'memoization' and persistent datastructures I'll want to share with all whom interested in it.

So it's time to present the xProcs Swift Library 1.1.0. It's small at this time but I invite all of you to send me ideas for function's you want to see into that lib. And also as a remainder to the past I want to ask for send me a postcard from all countrys so I can place them at my office wall here. For the adress please contact me.

Version 1.1.0

Delivers the following areas now

  • Integer Functions (IntFuncs)
  • String Functions (StrFuncs)
  • Decimal Functions (DecimalFuncs)
  • Monads
    • State Monad (StateMonad)
  • Higher-Order Functions (HigherOrderFuncs)

One hint about the goals of that lib. I don't want to make it platform or UI dependend, all functions should be pure stuff that can be usefull for iOS, tvOS, macOs, Linux, Rasperry, Docker ...

Mfg Stefc

Twitter: @stefc_de

P.S. I plan to publish a story on Medium where I want to describe how to construct such a lib with Swift!