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Code that goes with 37 minutes tutorial on YouTube:
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Google API Demo Tutorial

This is the code that accompanies the video:


  • Git
  • Node + npm
  • Google account
  • Text editor (I use Sublime)
  • Browser (I use Chrome)

(I'm 99% sure you have these already)


git clone
cd google-API-demo-tutorial
npm install
node app.js
open http://localhost:3000


I've spent some time investigating all the login options. It wasn't that hard but it wasn't that easy either. One of the many reasons - none of the resources covered the process from the very beginning.


Be mindful with your secrets, be mindful with your tokens! I've already revoked and removed mine. Just saying... Don't ever expose them and maybe use a pattern - store credentials in a separate file that is in .gitignore


  • Open issue
  • Comment on video
  • Send me an email
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