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JOTTY - JWT Decoder

License Apache%202.0 blue link: link: link:

This tool allows to decrypt JSON Web Tokens called JWT (pronounced as jot). It just decodes the token and prints the JSON contents.

The suggested pronunciation of JWT is the same as the English word "jot".


jotty [flags] <jwt-data>

or reading data from pipe

some-other-tool | jotty -f -


pbpaste | jotty -f -
jotty -f test/jwt.txt
jotty <jwt token data>
pbpaste | jotty -f - --header=false --signature=false
Sample JWt from


-f, --file string

--file=<filename> read token from file or - from stdin

-h, --header

--header=false don’t print the header of the JWT (default true)

-?, --help

--help print usage information

-p, --payload

--payload=false don’t print the payload of the JWT (default true)

-s, --signature

--signature=false don’t print the signature of the JWT (default true)

-v, --version

--version print version information