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License Apache%202.0 blue link: link: link:

kusto-me (kustomize me) can be used to initalize folders with k8s objects with a kustomize.yaml and optional with a overlay folder structure.

Usage of kusto-me:

-d, --dir stringArray

Define overlay directories to be used.

-f, --folder string

Set the folder to create kustomize project. If not set current dir is used.

-l, --label stringArray

Add default labels to kustomization.yml. Format: <key>:<value>

-n, --name string

Set the projectname. If not set the current directoryname is used

-o, --overlay

Defines if overlay structure should be created or just a simple project


On OSX/ Linux you may just use brew to install kusto-me:

 brew tap steffakasid/kusto-me
 brew install kustome