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Cloned and modified from to make a vundle package
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Cloned and modified from to make a vundle package.

cscope/vim key mappings

The following maps all invoke one of the following cscope search types:
  's'   symbol: find all references to the token under cursor
  'g'   global: find global definition(s) of the token under cursor
  'c'   calls:  find all calls to the function name under cursor
  't'   text:   find all instances of the text under cursor
  'e'   egrep:  egrep search for the word under cursor
  'f'   file:   open the filename under cursor
  'i'   includes: find files that include the filename under cursor
  'd'   called: find functions that function under cursor calls

The above maps can be called in three different ways.
1) <C-\> + map:     open search result
2) <C-\> + h + map: open search result in horizontal split
3) <C-\> + v + map: open search result in vertical split

You can use CTRL-T to go back to where you were before the search.  

All of the maps involving the <cfile> macro use '^<cfile>$': this is so
that searches over '#include <time.h>" return only references to
'time.h', and not 'sys/time.h', etc. (by default cscope will return all
files that contain 'time.h' as part of their name).
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