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A native TDS (MSSQL) 7.4 driver for Rust

NOTE: Supporting async/await and revising the API is currently pending. A very early preview state with current design considerations is available in the async_await branch. At this time I do not have the time to overhaul the library and do not intend to further maintain the 0.3 version relying on the old futures ecosystem.


Please check the documentation above for any examples.

For installing please don't forget the following things:

Enable TCP for SQL Server

As of now only TCP is supported, which is disabled by default.
Make sure to enable TCP in your MSSQL settings.

Encryption (TLS/SSL)

a) Make sure to use a trusted certificate

Make sure the certificate your using is trusted by your local machine.
To create a self-signed certificate that is trusted you can use the following powershell:

$cert = New-SelfSignedCertificate -DnsName $serverName,localhost -CertStoreLocation cert:\LocalMachine\My
$rootStore = Get-Item cert:\LocalMachine\Root

You also have to change the certificate in the SQL Server settings.
In a production setting you likely want to use a certificate that is issued by a CA.

b) Disable certificate validation by using TrustServerCertificate=true in your connection string (requires 0.2.2)

c) Alternatively: Disable Encryption for LOCALHOST

For a connection to localhost, which will never leave your machine, it's safe to disable encryption. Currently this is only possible by doing someting like the following in your cargo.toml:

tiberius = { version = "0.X", default-features=false,features=["chrono"] }

This will disable encryption for your ENTIRE crate

Securing Windows Authentication over TCP (non-localhost)

To ensure Windows-Authentication is secure, enable Extended-Protection.
Channel-Bindings only work when Force Encryption and Extended Protection
are enabled in the SQL Server Settings as described here.
It also leads to SPN's being used, which makes replay attacks harder.
Not supported yet.

SQL Type Mappings

Any nullable type should be accessed as Option<T> where T is any Rust Type listed below. This table unfortunately still is very incomplete, if you have a question about a specific type please create an issue, which will make this table grow.

SQL Type Rust Type Feature
NVARCHAR, BigVarChar &str
uniqueidentifier tiberius::ty::Guid
DATETIME tiberius::ty::DateTime
DATETIME2 tiberius::ty::DateTime2
DATETIME,DATETIME2 chrono::NaiveDateTime chrono
Support for versions below 7.4 (to 7.2 so that everything >= SQL Server 2008 works) is desired.

Supported Connection String Parameters

Not every parameter is supported yet. Below is a list of all parameters supported.

Parameters Description
server The name or network address of the instance of SQL Server to which to connect. The port number can be specified after the server name.
integratedsecurity Toggle between Windows authentication and SQL authentication.
uid, username, user The SQL Server login account.
password, pwd The password for the SQL Server account logging on.
database The name of the database.
trustservercertificate Specifies whether the driver trusts the server certificate when connecting using TLS.
encrypt Specifies whether the driver uses TLS to encrypt communication.

Old State (v0.1)

The old state can be found in the "old" branch (click me)


TDS 7.4 (mssql / Microsoft SQL Server) async driver for rust. Fork at:




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