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NPM version

A Node-RED node, to control Sonoff switches running the awesome Sonoff-Tasmota firmware


Install node-red-contrib-sonoff-tasmota using npm:

npm install --save node-red-contrib-sonoff-tasmota


To use the node, just drag the node from the Sonoff section to the Flow, add the id and the mqtt broker. To control the switch you can use a true/false input node or connect a UI Button.

Sample FLOW

Sample Flow

    "mode": "0",
    "id": "31a99116.86e71",
    "device": "light_livingroom",
    "type": "Sonoff device",
    "z": "c99f41b0.86e72",
    "broker": "31a99116.50a74e",
    "name": "Living Room Light",
    "onValue": "ON",
    "offValue": "OFF",
    "cmdPrefix": "cmnd",
    "statPrefix": "stat",
    "telePrefix": "tele",
    "x": 323.5,
    "y": 292,
    "wires": [
        ["83ebc5bb.bf90c8", "cf638ecc.54904"]
}, {
    "id": "31a99116.50a74e",
    "type": "mqtt-broker",
    "z": "",
    "broker": "localhost",
    "port": "1883",
    "clientid": "",
    "usetls": false,
    "compatmode": true,
    "keepalive": "60",
    "cleansession": true,
    "willTopic": "",
    "willQos": "0",
    "willPayload": "",
    "birthTopic": "",
    "birthQos": "0",
    "birthPayload": ""


MIT © Steffen Müller

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