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Custom made Amiga Workbench Theme for the CD32

CD32 Skin preview 1

CD32 Skin preview 2

16 colors (and Copper Demon for the window gradients)

This is the palette:

CD32 Skin preview 1

The font is XEN (from MUI, you can extract that from http://aminet.net/package/util/wb/MagicWB21p) The icons are saved as ColorIcons (I'm not really sure how you view those on 3.1, but if you use BetterWb, you can use them)

Although it's possible to run this in a 16 color WorkBench, it's recommended to use at least a 32 color screenmode. That way you can also set the MUI colors and have some pens left for other programs.

Color Pattern Locker and Border Blanker recommended!


  • First made in Photoshop
  • color-reduced with (the super awesome) http://tool.anides.de/
  • cleaned up and re-dithered by hand back in Photoshop
  • icons cut out and saved with Personal Paint on the Amiga as ColorIcons.

I got a lot requests about how to get exactly the result as seen in the screenshots so here's a short guide.

When starting from scratch:

  • Install Workbench 3.1.4 with BestWB or Workbench 3.1 with BetterWB
  • see http://lilliput.amiga-projects.net/BestWB.htm and http://lilliput.amiga-projects.net/BetterWB.htm
  • Put your screenMode in 32 colors or more.
  • If you don't want BetterWB/BestWB and you run in 32 colors or less you need to install FullPalette: http://aminet.net/package/util/wb/FullPalette22
  • Install "Copper Demon" (http://aminet.net/package/util/wb/Copper-Demon) - This is used for the color gradient backgrounds in the windows.
  • Install "IconCopy" (http://aminet.net/package/gfx/misc/IconCopy) - This is used to apply an icon to a drawer/disk/file without changing the position or tooltypes of the original icon.
  • Download this CD32 theme package: https://github.com/steffest/amiga/archive/master.zip
  • If you're running in 32 colors, open Prefs/FullPalette and open the fullpalette.prefs file - save
  • Copy the file "Copper-Demon.prefs" to the location where you installed Copper Demon
  • Set the Workbench background image and save (WBPattern in Prefs)
  • Use IconCopy to change all icons - yes: by hand for now. the icon goes in the left box, the target you want to change in the right.
  • I used a simple striped pattern as windows pattern, you can set that using WBPattern in Prefs - totally optional of course.
  • You can remove the border of the icons through
    • prefs/Workbench
    • In the "Icons" section on the right set the option "Border Size" to "No Border"
  • You can make the labels below the icons transparent through
    • prefs/Font
    • -> Select Workbench Icon Text
    • -> set "Mode" to "Text" (instead of Text+Field)