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Convert your finished HTML5 app to another format.
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Convert your finished HTML5 app to another format.


The intention of convertico is, that if you already have a finished HTML5 app, and you want to bring it to various platforms that you simply feed convertico with your app and it spits out your finished eg apk.


It is a PHP script so you need the PHP5 CLI on your system. Under Ubuntu this is in the "php5-cli" package. I think it has to be at least v5.3. Your HTML5 app needs to be inside of a folder and there needs to be an index.html file. Since the code contains some hardcoded system commands it is not compatible with Windows (at least). It should be working under all Linux like OS'es.


Available parameters:

  • --help, show help
  • --input=[directory], directory where your HTML5 app is located
  • --title=[title], title of the app
  • --plugin=[target name], which plugin to use as target
  • --list-plugins, list available targets
  • --check, use with plugin to check the configuration of a plugin

So for example you could use this to convert your app to an apk:

./convertico.php --input=/home/user/mysuperhtmlapp --plugin=android

The result is generated in the ouput subfolder and in this example it would be named "mysuperhtmlapp-android".


Available output targets (for now, this list will be longer hopefully):


convert html5 app to apk ( After building the apk can be found in the bin directory of the output folder.


  • Android SDK (adjust convertico.config.php accordingly)
  • Some settings in the Android SDK manager
  • ANT Compiler (in Ubuntu this is in package "ant")
  • ImageMagick (optional, need the "convert" command for resizing icons)


Those are optional.

  • --android-package-name
  • --android-target-sdk, defaults to "android-19"
  • --android-min-sdk, defaults to target-sdk
  • --android-version-code, defaults to 1
  • --android-version-name, defaults to "1.0"
  • --android-manifest, if you want to override the manifest template
  • --android-launcher-image, to set an launcher icon


Package app for Firefox OS (plugin.firefoxos.php)


  • zip
  • php-gd extension (optional, for automatic icon resizing support)


Those are optional

  • --description
  • --firefoxos-version-name, defaults to "1.0"
  • --firefoxos-icon, application icon

Your own target

You can easily write your own target plugin. Following functions must be implemented:

  • plugin_about() Return some description of the plugin (String).
  • plugin_get_version() Return version number of the plugin (String).
  • plugin_check_config() Return true/false wheter all requirements are accomplished (eg check for external programs or config constants, ... )
  • plugin_do_work($title, $input_path, $output_path) Do the conversion. Return true/false.

Return values

  • 0 = ok
  • 1 = No plugins found
  • 2 = Plugin directory not found
  • 3 = Specified plugin not found
  • 4 = Plugin misconfiguration, check config file
  • 5 = Input path invalid
  • 6 = Output path already exists
  • 7 = Error occurred during conversion
  • 8 = index.html not found in input directory

Future plans

I am not sure if this is all possible, but it would be great to have a number of targets like Android, Windows Phone, iOS, Ubuntu, Firefox OS, Blackberry, Sailfish, and I am sure there is a number of mobile OS' which I have forgot.

Why not use a lib like phonegap?

I wanted to have a solution (a) without a library and (b) without the need to modify existing projects.


convertico is licensed under the terms of the GPLv2.


You can contact me via software(at)steffmeister(dot)at. Visit it my homepage at


If you want to support the development or just want to say thanks, you can donate to me via the following ways:

  • PayPal, please contact me (see above).
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