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Location-based Pokémon with Node.js

Pokémon for the GameBoy was one of Nintendos most successful Role Play Games in the late 90s. Even though gaming today is on a different level and can make use of so many new features and possibilities, the Pokémon-fan base is still big and growing. But why not combining new technology with this game classic and play it on the next level?

As I still love the Pokémon world, I want to talk about how I developed a prototype for a location-based Pokémon Game for Mobile devices with Node.js.

Find out more about this project in my talk at RejectJS which you can find here:

I am still trying to figure out the potential legal issues which I addressed in my talk.

Legal notice

Both Pokémon and Nintendo are registered Trademarks and do not belong to me in any way.