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Let's say you want to consume microformats from an external website using javascript on your own website. Browser security prohibits it.

Send a GET request of this format to this little web service:

And you will receive all microformats contained at that url, parsed and converted to jsonp.


Be aware that there are security risks in using JSONP, and you should read up on them to make sure your approach is valid.

Supported microformats

Microformat parsing is done using the Mofo gem, so we can support the following:

  • adr
  • geo
  • hcalendar
  • hcard
  • hentry
  • hfeed
  • hresume
  • hreview
  • rel
  • xfn
  • xoxo

To install and use for your own purposes

gem install mofo sinatra haml sinatra-jsonp json
git clone
cd Microjsonp


Released under the CC0 licence

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