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Outputs nicely formatted puts statements for Ruby developers using Textmate

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Nicely formats debugging puts and pp statements in Textmate (for Rspec).

Sometimes you need to do things like this:

puts "Let's see what is going on here..."

And usually see just this on the screen:

Let's see what is going on here...

You can right-click to inspect element, but that's a pain.

Drop the textmate_puts_helper.rb in your spec folder

require 'textmate_puts_helper'

Watch as your objects appear as you would expect:

Rspec debugging

If you define a method 'pp' on any class instance, this will be used when using 'pp'.

For instance, I have a bunch of datamapper classes, and I want to see them in a nice format, so I do this:

module PrettyPrinter
  def self.included(c)
    c.class_eval do
      def pp *args
        puts JSON.pretty_generate(self.as_json)

And in my class I add

class MyClass < DataMapper::Resource
  include PrettyPrinter

I can then do this in spec:

it "should have a programmer who understands what is going on in a strange scenario" do
  confusion = MyClass.create(:emotion => "confused", :description => "oddness")
  pp confusion
  confusion.should_not be_blank

and see this output in the Textmate rspec window:

  'id' => 1,
  'description' => "oddness",
  'emotion' => "confused"

Hope this is of some use to someone!

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