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A vanilla Padrino project for starting new projects. Uses Compass, Susy, HAML, Sprockets, Heroku, MongoDB, Mongoid, Memcached.
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A vanilla Padrino app you can clone to get going quickly with a clean setup for a web project.

Fork the project, then:

git clone git://
bundle install

If you don't have MongoDB and Memcache locally, and you're on OSX, then install Homebrew, followed by:

brew update
brew install mongodb
brew install memcached

Edit config/mongoid.yml and replace "bootbuckle_development" with something else at this line:

database: bootbuckle_development

Do a global find and replace for "Bootbuckle", replacing it with your preferred application name.

Then get a 64-character hex string and replace "change_this" at this line of config/apps.rb:

set :session_secret, 'change_this'

Edit the application settings in app/app.rb:

set :google_analytics, "XXXXXXXX"
set :typekit, "ABC123"
set :title, "My new app"
set :base_host, ""
set :description, "A new shiny thing, how exciting!"

To deploy to Heroku on the new Cedar stack:

heroku create my_app_name --stack cedar
git push heroku

To run locally:

foreman start -f
open http://localhost:3333
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