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Simple and clean monitor frontend for a Nano network node based on curl and php. It connects to a running node via RPC and displays it's status on a simple webpage:


Currently, the following information is displayed:

  • Information text block
  • Current block number
  • Number of unchecked blocks
  • Number of peers
  • Voting Weight
  • Number of delegators
  • Custom info about the node and the server
  • Basic Nano value information
  • QR Code for Node and Donation accounts


Instructions for setting up in a very simple way a node can be found here This How-to includes a script will configure RPC settings and install some basic comands to control the node.

You will need to install,configure and have running nginx (or apache) and phpfm to run this stuff.

  • To install in server root you need to empty it first, then change in the server root Run git clone . Note the final dot!
  • You can install also in <your_IP>/stats or a name of your choice. Just run git clone /var/www/html/stats Note: /var/www/html may be different on your server.
  • This frontend should be visible at http://[your-ip-address]/stats/
  • Modify settings in /modules/config.php at your needs. Note that the IP-address and the port for the RPC in the file config.php have to match the entries in RaiBlocks/config.json
  • You might need to additionally install php7.0-curl, i.e. sudo apt-get install php7.0-curl

Feel free to change your representative to my RaiBlocks node xrb_1i9ugg14c5sph67z4st9xk8xatz59xntofqpbagaihctg6ngog1f45mwoa54 to support further decentralization within the Nano network.


nanode21 is a clean and simple monitor for a Nano node, forked from pxpXrai




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