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A command line interface and npm package for jshint.


To use jshint from any location (for npm v1.x) you need to install using the global (-g) flag.

npm install -g jshint


The command line interface looks like this.

jshint path path2 [options]

You can also require JSHint itself as a module.

var jshint = require('jshint');

Note: If you are using npm v1.x be sure to install jshint locally (without the -g flag) or link it globally.

Text Editor Plugins

  • gedit-node-jshint - Simply use CTRL+J in gedit to run JSHint using node-jshint.
  • vim syntastic - Run node-jshint at each file save.
  • sublime-jshint - F7 or command-B on any .js file. F4 next error line,column. shift-F4 previous error line,column.

Custom Reporters

Specify a custom reporter module (see example/reporter.js).

--reporter path/to/reporter.js

Use a jslint compatible xml reporter.


Show additional non-error data generated by jshint (unused globals etc).


Custom Options

Specify custom lint options (see example/config.json).

--config path/to/config.json

Note: This bypasses any .jshintrc files.

File Extensions

Default extension for files is ".js". If you want to use JSHint with other file extensions (.json), you need to pass this extra extension as an option

--extra-ext .json

Default Options

The CLI uses the default options that come with JSHint. However, if it locates a .jshintrc file in your home directory (~/) it will use those options first.

Per Directory Options

If there is a .jshintrc file in the current working directory, any of those options will take precedence over (or be merged with) any options found in the ~/.jshintrc file (if it exists).

Ignoring Files and Directories

If there is a .jshintignore file in the current working directory, then any directories or files will be skipped over.

Note: Pattern matching uses minimatch, with the nocase option. When there is no match, it performs a left side match (when no forward slashes present and path is a directory).

Installing dependencies for development


Build Commands

jake -T