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Go Paddle is a Python 3 script that scrapes for current river data based on user input.
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This was my final project for my Automation and Scripting class at Augusta University.

I like whitewater kayaking and rafting! is the site to check when you want to go paddling. They have put together an amazing website full of amazing resources, including the current reading on USGS gauges so you can find out what is "running," or has enough water to go paddling in.

I made this web-scraping script with a few fun bells and whistles, and wanted to share it with the world. I may update it in the future with the ability to directly open URLs, better error handling, and maybe even browser integration.

Thanks for your interest! If you want to run it yourself, just download the main file, make sure you have Python 3, and run the script!

See you on the river!

Stef Rand, 2018

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