Python wrapper for CryptoCompare public API
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Python wrapper for CryptoCompare public API (

Project information

Following API requests are supported:

  • CoinList
  • Price
  • PriceMulti
  • PriceMultiFull
  • PriceHistorical
  • generateAvg
  • dayAvg
  • CoinSnapshot
  • CoinSnapshotFullById
  • HistoMinute
  • HistoHour
  • HistoDay
  • topPairs
  • socialStats
  • miningEquipment


pip install crycompare


from crycompare import price as p
print(p.coin_snapshot('btc', 'usd'))

price submodule: price, price_multi, price_multi_full, generate_avg, day_avg, price_historical, coin_snapshot, coin_snahpshot_id, top_pairs. history submodule: histo_minute, histo_hour, histo_day. social submodule: social_stats, mining_equipment

For detailed documentation visit CryptoCompare API website. CryptoCompare API Documentation can be found at