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IntermediaryAppDelegate is a Swift library for splitting a bloated UIApplicationDelegate into multiple focused UIApplicationDelegates.

For more info, check out my blog post.


  1. Create a main UIApplicationDelegate, and subclass either IntermediaryAppDelegate or RemoteNotificationIntermediaryAppDelegate if you need to support remote notifications. Also, add the ConfigureSceneIntermediaryAppDelegate protocol if using SwiftUI.
class AppDelegate: IntermediaryAppDelegate {
  1. Create the new UIApplicationDelegates where each delegate method will be implemented. Each class should be focused around a single responsibility, like managing the lifecycle of a Crash Reporter, handling Remote Notifications, or responding to Deep Links.
class CoreModule: UIResponder, UIApplicationDelegate {
    func application(_ application: UIApplication, didFinishLaunchingWithOptions launchOptions: [UIApplication.LaunchOptionsKey : Any]?) -> Bool {
        return true
  1. Register the App Delegates in the main UIApplicationDelegate. This is done by simply returning each AppDelegate in the init method of the main UIApplicationDelegate like below:
class AppDelegate: RemoteNotificationIntermediaryAppDelegate, ConfigureSceneIntermediaryAppDelegate {

    override init() {


For Xcode 11:

  • Go to File -> Swift Packages -> Add Project Dependency...
  • Enter in search bar.
  • Set the version as 1.0.0

Via Command line:

  • Add .package(url: "", from: "1.0.0") to your Package.swift file's dependencies.
  • Update your packages using $ swift package update .

Help, Feedback or Suggestions?

  • Open an issue if you need help, if you find a bug, of if you have a feature request.
  • Open a PR if you want to make some changes.
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