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Note! I (steinarb) has stopped using this karaf debian packaging. I have switched to https://github.com/steinarb/karaf-debian that uses native debian packaging tools, and is built from a karaf source tarball instead of using the karaf binary tarball.

Simple debian packaging for Apache Karaf

Forked from https://github.com/DemisR/karaf-deb-packaging and modified to use openjdk instead of Oracle Java, and modified to use the provided startup scripts instead of the proprietary karaf-wrapper.

Tested Platforms

  • Debian Jessie, amd64 (karaf 4.0.7)
  • Debian Stretch, amd64 (karaf 4.0.7, karaf 4.1.1 and karaf 4.1.2)

How to create and install the deb package

  1. Install the pre-requisites (commands done as root)
    apt-get update
    apt-get install git maven openjdk-8-jdk postgresql ruby ruby-dev build-essential
    gem install fpm
  2. How to create the .deb
    cd /tmp
    git clone https://github.com/steinarb/karaf-deb-packaging
    cd karaf-deb-packaging
    mkdir -p /root/debs
    cp *.deb /root/debs
  3. How to install the .deb package
    dpkg --install karaf_4.1.2-1_all.deb

Differences to the original github project

Since forking https://github.com/DemisR/karaf-deb-packaging I have made the following changes:

  1. Switched from oracle JDK 8, to openjdk 8
  2. Updated to karaf version 4.0.7 (the currently newest stable release at the time of forking), later upgraded to karaf 4.1.1 and again upgraded to karaf 4.1.2
  3. Use /var/lib/karaf/data instead of /usr/local/karaf/data
  4. Use package version "-1" instead of "-3" (this is the first 4.0.7 version of the package)
  5. Switched from using the the service wrapper (karaf-wrapper) to plain systemd start using the scripts and config from bin/contrib in the karaf 4.0.7 distro

What must be done when upgrading to a new karaf version

  1. Clone the project
    cd /tmp
    git clone https://github.com/steinarb/karaf-deb-packaging
  2. Modify the karaf version in the /tmp/karaf-dep-packaging/dist_karaf.sh file:
  3. Build the deb package
    cd /tmp/karaf-deb-packaging
  4. Uninstall the installed package and install the new package (using version 4.1.2 for the new package in the example, must be done as root):
    dpkg --purge karaf
    dpkg --install /root/debs/karaf_4.1.2-1_all.deb

Connect to instance

ssh -p 8101 karaf@localhost

Package info

Debian pkg: karaf_4.1.2-1_all.deb Version :

  • karaf 4.1.2

Systemd service config:

  • /lib/systemd/system/karaf.service
  • /lib/systemd/system/karaf@.service


  • /etc/karaf
  • /etc/default/karaf


  • /var/log/syslog


  • /usr/local/karaf/bin/


  • /usr/local/karaf/data

Network ports:

  • karaf shell: 8101


  • karaf : karaf

Install jolokia: (in karaf shell)

feature:install jolokia

Default config http://hostname:8181/jolokia karaf/karaf