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Releases: steinbergmedia/bravura

Bravura 1.392

30 Jan 00:11
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Bravura 1.392 Pre-release

This version of Bravura and Bravura Text is considered a beta for SMuFL 1.4, with all required glyphs added. The following changes have been made:

– Added headless notes (U+E204–U+E20A) to 'Beamed groups of notes' range
– Added glyphs to new 'Scale degrees' range (U+EF00–U+EF07)
– Added glyphs in new 'Note name noteheads supplement' range (U+EEE0–U+EEFF)
– Added mensuralWhiteSemibrevis (U+E962) to 'Medieval and Renaissance individual notes' range
– Added guitar10, guitar11, guitar12, guitar13 (U+E84A–U+E84D) to 'Guitar' range
– Added glyphs in 'Medieval and Renaissance prolations supplement' (U+EE90–U+EE94)
– Added Cowell's noteheads for irrational durations (U+EEA1–U+EEB5) to 'Noteheads supplement' range
– Added noteheadNancarrowSine (U+EEA0) in 'Noteheads supplement' range
– Added arpeggiato (U+E63C) to 'Plucked techniques' range
– Add caesuraSingleStroke (U+E4D7) to the 'Holds and pauses' range
– Added Alois Hába's set of accidentals for 24-EDO quarter-tones (U+EE63–U+EE69) to the 'Other accidentals supplement' range
– Added 'Chop (percussive bowing) notation' range (U+EE80–U+EE8F)
– Added swissRudimentsNoteheadBlackFlam (U+EE70), swissRudimentsNoteheadHalfFlam (U+EE71), swissRudimentsNoteheadBlackDouble (U+EE72), swissRudimentsNoteheadHalfDouble (U+EE73) to the new 'Techniques noteheads' range
– Changed registration of fretboardFilledCircle (U+E858), fretboardX (U+E859) and fretboardO (U+E85A) so that they are centred vertically and horizontally around the origin
– Added ups and downs accidentals (U+EE60–U+EE63) to new 'Other accidentals supplement' range
– Added stylistic alternates for U+E4A0 and U+E4A1, Rossini accent above and below
– Added 'Extended Helmholtz-Ellis accidentals (just intonation) supplement' range (U+EE50–U+EE5F); revised appearance of accidentalCombiningLower31Schisma (U+E2EC) and accidentalCombiningRaise31Schisma (U+E2ED)
– Replaced Sagittal outlines with those optimized by Douglas Blumeyer for design space of 1000 fu per em. Changed side bearings of accSagittalShaftUp (U+E3F0) and accSagittalShaftDown (U+E3F1)
– Add kerning pairs for new Sagittal glyphs (U+E3F4–U+E40B)
– Added glyphs to the 'Olympian Sagittal extension (extreme precision) accidental diacritics' (U+E3F4–U+E3F7) and 'Magrathean Sagittal extension (insane precision) accidental diacritics' (U+E3F8–U+E41F) ranges of Sagittal accidentals.

Bravura 1.38

25 Jun 19:37
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– Added new stylistic set (ss10) for accidentals for figured bass with longer ascenders and descenders

– Improved the shape of the tips of each of the up- and down-stem flags in the 'Flags' range (U+E240–U+E251)

– Improved the shape of ornamentTrill (U+E566) and ornamentShortTrill (U+E56C)

Bravura 1.35

27 Mar 17:16
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This release combines a number of small interim releases since version 1.276.

31 August 2019 (Daniel Spreadbury) Bravura 1.31 / Bravura Text 1.31
– New fingeringQLower (U+ED8E) and fingeringSLower (U+ED8F) glyphs in the 'Fingering supplement' range

6 December 2019 (Daniel Spreadbury) Bravura 1.32
– Reduced height of accidentalBracketLeft (U+E26C) and accidentalBracketRight (U+E26D)
– Corrected registration of a number of glyphs in the 'Extended Helmholtz-Ellis Just Intonation accidentals' range (U+E2DF, U+E2E6, U+E2E7, U+E2E8, U+E2E9, U+E2F7, U+E2F8, U+E2EB).

18 March 2020 (Daniel Spreadbury) Bravura 1.34
– Swapped direction of wiggleArpeggiatoDownArrow (U+EAAE) and wiggleArpeggiatoDownSwash (U+EAAC)

27 March 2020 (Daniel Spreadbury) Bravura 1.35
– Added figbassTripleFlat (U+ECC1) and figbassTripleSharp (U+ECC2)

Bravura 1.276, Bravura Text 1.277

23 Apr 23:09
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• Fixed the scale factor for optical variants for chord symbol accidentals

Bravura 1.272, Bravura Text 1.272

23 Apr 22:58
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  • Improved Large, narrow sans serif time signatures stylistic set (ss04) glyphs to make the forms more condensed