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2008-04-29 Tom ten Thij <>
* rails.el: [#12451] Optional disablement ruby-electric-mode <pezra>, upping
max-lisp-eval-depth to allow navigation to work with larger number of files,
defined rails-number-of-lines-shown-when-opening-log-file
* rails-log.el: number of lines initially shown when opening log file as
specified by rails-number-of-lines-shown-when-opening-log-file
2008-03-03 Dmitry Galinsky <>
* rails-ws.el (rails-ws:available-servers-list): Added Thin support.
* rails.el (rails-templates-list): Added js.rjs and builder templates
2008-02-15 Dmitry Galinsky <>
* rails-core.el (rails-core:observer-p, rails-core:mailer-p): fixed regexp.
2008-02-11 Dmitry Galinsky <>
* rails-snippets-feature.el (rails-snippets-feature:fixture)
(rails-snippets-feature:model-name, rails-snippets-feature:rest):
replaced `downcase' to `decamelize'.
* rails-core.el (rails-core:file-by-class): replaced `downcase' to `decamelize'.
* rails-lib.el (decamelize): created function.
2008-02-07 Dmitry Galinsky <>
* rails-test.el (rails-test:line-regexp): apply patch [#16714]
from Rémi Vanicat, can match empty filename
* rails-scripts.el (rails-script:console): passed default
environment to script/console
2007-12-23 Michael Klishin <>
* rails-spec.el (rails-spec:run-this-spec): Run spec where the point is
2007-11-04 Dmitry Galinsky <>
* rails-core.el (rails-core:model-exist-p): fixed error, when model-file not exists.
2007-11-03 Dmitry Galinsky <>
* rails-core.el (rails-core:model-file
rails-core:controller-file-by-model): search namespaced models and
* rails-test.el (rails-test:line-regexp): applled patch by Alan Shields,
don't hightlight whitespaces in test output.
* rails-test.el: appled patch by Alan Shields,
can't run rails-test-current-* without a file.
2007-11-02 Dmitry Galinsky <>
* rails.el (rails-templates-list): added 'html.erb'.
* rails-snippets-feature.el (rails-snippets-feature:rest): replace *_url to *_path
* inflections.el (singularize-string pluralize-string): downcase
string befored searched.
2007-10-12 Dmitry Galinsky <>
* inflections.el (pluralize-string singularize-string): downcase
input string before find in irregular
2007-09-11 Peter Rezikov <>
* rails.el: basic support of Markaby templates.
2007-08-18 Peter Rezikov <>
* rails-spec.el: base support for rspec. Function
`rails-spec:run-all', `rails-spec:run-this-file', `rails-spec:run-last',
`rails-spec:run-files'. Variables: `rails-spec:all-files',
`rails-spec:last-files', `rails-spec:runner',
* rails-find.el, rails-ui.el: finds for rspec
* rails-project.el: new functions: rails-project:in-root-with-cd,
* rails-lib.el: new macro in-directory
2007-08-18 Dmitry Galinsky <>
* rails-scripts.el (rails-script:run-interactive): setup a
variable `ruby-buffer' for corect working with `inf-ruby'
2007-08-17 Dmitry Galinsky <>
* rails-ruby.el (hs-minor-mode-hook): created, placed in
hs-setup-overlay initialization to fix a bug #13162
2007-08-15 Dmitry Galinsky <>
* rails-scripts.el (rails-script:setup-output-buffer): fixed compilation warning
* rails-ruby.el (ruby-hs-minor-mode): created, support ruby in hs-minor-mode
2007-08-11 Dmitry Galinsky <>
* rails-compat.el (try-complete-abbrev): fixed
* rails-core.el (rails-core:configuration-file, :rails-core:configuration-files): created functions
* rails-speedbar-feature.el (rails-speedbar:roots): added
migrations and configuration files to speedbar
2007-08-05 Dmitry Galinsky <>
* rails-test.el, rails-ui.el: apply patch #11998, created additional key
shortcuts (thanks Tom Ten Thij)
* rails-compat.el: apply patch #12743, replace
`indent-or-complete` to `indent-and-complete` (thanks Peter Williams)
2007-08-04 Dmitry Galinsky <>
* rails-navigation.el (rails-nav:goto-layouts): fixed bug #12754,
broken `rails-nav:goto-layouts`
2007-07-26 Dmitry Galinsky <>
* inflections.el: more inflections (by Edvard Majakari)
* rails-ruby.el (ruby-align-rules-list): improved `align` support
* rails-test.el (rails-test:line-regexp): added support of '-' symbol in file name
2007-05-23 Dmitry Galinsky <>
* rails-test.el (rails-test:line-regexp): bug #10792: updated regexp
2007-05-05 Dmitry Galinsky <>
* rails.el: fixed #10613, wrong comparsion of emacs major-version
2007-05-03 Dmitry Galinsky <>
* rails-test.el (rails-test:line-regexp): patch #10532, allows '-'
to occur in the errror filepath (thanks Peter Williams)
2007-04-27 Dmitry Galinsky <>
* rails.el: raise a error if emacs-rails run on old version of Emacs (less 22).
* rails-ruby.el: check available flymake before setup ruby-flymake.
2007-04-25 Dmitry Galinsky <>
* rails-speedbar-feature.el (rails-speedbar:expand-directory)
(rails-speedbar:display): updated view mode of "views". *
rails-compat.el (try-complete-abbrev): don't expand a snippet
inside comments or strings.
2007-04-20 Dmitry Galinsky <>
* rails-core.el (rails-core:menu-letters-list)
(rails-core:prepare-menu): created, append a prefix to each label
of menu-item from MENU.
2007-04-19 Dmitry Galinsky <>
* rails-speedbar-feature.el (rails-speedbar:expand-tags): append list of templates in controllers
(rails-speedbar:line-directory): created
* rails-core.el (rails-core:helper-file): append the test/test_helper
(rails-core:views-dir): strip the "_controller" sufix
(rails-core:helpers): added the test/test_helper support
* rails-speedbar-feature.el (rails-speedbar:line-directory)
(rails-speedbar:root, rails-speedbar:in-root): created
(rails-speedbar-feature:install): install speedbar-mode-line-functions
* rails-ruby.el (completion-dynamic-syntax-alist): removed
* rails-core.el (rails-core:class-by-file): updated
2007-04-18 Dmitry Galinsky <>
* rails.el (ruby-mode-hook): removed predictive-prog-mode, it will incorect work in latest CVS builds of Emacs
2007-04-13 Dmitry Galinsky <>
* rails-ruby.el (flymake-ruby-init): apply patch #10056, thanks R│Иmi Vanicat
* rails-core.el (rails-core:class-by-file): handle first digit[s] in filename
* rails-lib.el (capital-word-p): return nil if first char is not
* inflections.el: rollback to using separate variables instead of structure
2007-04-12 Dmitry Galinsky <>
* rails-test.el: fixed #10053 bug, added rails-core:regexp-for-match-views to compilation-error-regexp
* predictive-prog-mode.el (activate-predictive-inside-comments): toggle predictive mode using 'predictive-main-dict variable, looking at previous word
* rails-core.el (rails-core:class-by-file): detect already capitalized words
2007-04-10 Dmitry Galinsky <>
* rails-snippets-feature.el (rails-snippets-feature:list): updated
* rails-test.el (rails-test:error-regexp-alist): updated
2007-04-09 Dmitry Galinsky <>
* rails-ui.el (rails-minor-mode-prefix-key): created
(rails-key): created
* predictive-prog-mode.el (predictive-prog-text-faces): fixed compilation warning
2007-04-08 Dmitry Galinsky <>
* rails-speedbar-feature.el (rails-speedbar:roots): created
2007-04-06 Dmitry Galinsky <>
* rails-lib.el (capital-word-p): better word comparsion
* predictive-prog-mode.el, untabify-file.el: created separate minor-mode
* rails-compat.el: removed predictive-prog-mode declaration
* rails-features.el: created
* rails-predictive-prog-mode-feature.el: created and place into it
* rails-snippets-feature.el: created
* rails-ui.el (rails-minor-mode-map): removed snippets menu
* rails-untabify-feature.el: created and place into it untabify
* rails.el (find-file-hooks): cleanup
2007-04-05 Dmitry Galinsky <>
* rails.el (auto-mode-alist): added Rakefile to auto-mode-alist
* rails-ui.el (rails-minor-mode-test-current-method-key): created
* rails-*-test-minor-mode (rails-unit-test-minor-mode rails-functional-test-minor-mode):
changed hotkey "C-c ." to "C-c C-c ,", the old conflicted with ECB
* rails-ruby.el (flymake-ruby-load): apply flymake-mode only if
buffer-file-name matched flymake-allowed-file-name-masks
2007-04-04 Dmitry Galinsky <>
* rails-ruby.el (flymake-ruby-load): updated
* rails-ui.el: reduced the menu length
2007-04-03 Dmitry Galinsky <>
* rails-ruby.el (flymake-ruby-load): updated
* rails-controller-layout.el (rails-controller-layout:keymap):
created menu group for current minor-mode
* rails-model-layout.el (rails-model-layout:keymap): created menu
group for current minor-mode
* rails-core.el (rails-core:controller-file-by-model)
(rails-core:mailer-file, rails-core:mailer-exist-p)
(rails-core:unit-test-exist-p, rails-core:fixture-exist-p)
(rails-core:current-mailer): created
* rails-model-layout.el (rails-model-layout:keymap): removed mode specific menu
* rails-controller-layout.el (rails-controller-layout:keymap): removed mode specific menu
* rails-compat.el (predictive-prog-mode): don't start inside strings
* rails-core.el: using completion-posn-at-point-as-event instead custom function
* rails-ui.el (rails-minor-mode-db-menu-bar-map): updated
* rails-model-layout.el (rails-model-layout:keymap): created
* rails-core.el (rails-core:buffer-file-match): allow passing nil
* rails-controller-layout.el (rails-controller-layout:keymap): created
* rails-cmd-proxy.el (rails-cmd-proxy:convert-buffer-from-remote): fixed compilation warning
* rails-ruby.el: added flymake support to on the fly syntax check in ruby-mode
* rails-test.el (rails-test:error-regexp-alist): updated
2007-04-02 Dmitry Galinsky <>
* rails-lib.el (merge-abbrev-tables): mark abbrev as system
2007-04-01 Dmitry Galinsky <>
* rails-snippets.el: updated snippets
* rails-ui.el (rails-minor-mode-nav-menu-bar-map): created separate menu entry for "Navigate", "Database", "Tests"
* rails-test.el (rails-test:error-regexp-alist): updated regexp to match errors
* rails-snippets.el (rails-snippets:list): new snippet group RESTful
* rails-ruby.el (ruby-align-rules-list): updated regexp for align
* rails-rake.el (rails-rake:migrate)
(rails-rake:migrate-to-prev-version): created
* rails-lib.el: added alias string-join to strings-join
* rails-core.el (rails-core:mailer-file): fixed bug #9721
(rails-core:migration-versions): created
* rails-compat.el (indent-or-complete): restored completion-ui support
2007-03-30 Dmitry Galinsky <>
* rails-test.el (rails-test:error-regexp-alist): updated
* rails-scripts.el (rails-script:run): added
`rails-cmd-proxy:convert-buffer-from-remote' to
* rails-ruby.el: added `align' integration code
* rails-lib.el (string-repeat): created
* rails-cmd-proxy.el (rails-cmd-proxy:convert-buffer-from-remote): created
* rails-project.el: created
* rails-compat.el: created
2007-03-29 Dmitry Galinsky <>
* rails.el (indented-or-complete): added support completion-ui
(activate-predictive-inside-strings): created
(ruby-mode-hook): added pcomplete activation code
* rails-test.el (rails-test:print-result): don't scroll on top
* rails-navigation.el (rails-nav:goto-functional-tests): created
(rails-nav:goto-unit-tests): created
* rails-core.el (rails-core:functional-tests): created
(rails-core:unit-tests): created
* rails-cmd-proxy.el: updated
* rails-scripts.el (rails-script:output-mode): updated
* rails.el (indent-or-complete): updated
* rails-test.el (rails-test:run): cleanup
* rails-rake.el (rails-rake:list-of-tasks-without-tests): created
(rails-rake:list-of-tasks): renamed from rails-rake:tasks-list
* rails-ui.el: created seperate menu group for tests
* rails-test.el: created, Added tests integration with the compile library
* rails-scripts.el: refactored
* rails-rake.el: refactored
* rails-lib.el (rails-completing-read): created
2007-03-28 Dmitry Galinsky <>
* rails-rake.el (rails-rake:task): removed rails-rake:output-mode
* rails.el: added forward declaration of try-complete-abbrev,
index-or-complete and setup variable
* rails-snippets.el (rails-snippets:list): updated
* rails-core.el (rails-core:menu-position): fixed error at `window-live-p'
* rails-ui.el (rails-minor-mode-menu-bar-map): added menu item for "test current method"
* rails-ws.el (rails-ws:start): added missing parameter the
rails-ws:default-server-type to startup command
* rails-scripts.el (rails-script:toggle-output-window): created
* rails-ws.el (rails-ws:start): fixed bug [#9619], incorect setup of default directory
* rails-snippets.el (rails-snippets-menu-list): removed
(rails-snippets:create-keymap, rails-snippets:create-lambda)
(rails-snippets:list): created
* rails-lib.el (create-snippets-and-menumap-from-dsl): removed
2007-03-27 Dmitry Galinsky <>
* rails-snippets.el (rails-snippets-menu-list): updated snippets,
add the "assert_template" snippet
* rails-rake.el (rails-rake:test-current): created
(rails-rake:run-test-file): created
(rails-rake:test-current-method): created
* rails-unit-test-minor-mode.el (rails-unit-test-minor-mode):
added hotkey [C-c .] to run test of current method
* rails-functional-test-minor-mode.el (rails-functional-test-minor-mode):
added hotkey [C-c .] to run test of current method
* rails-core.el (rails-core:functional-test-file)
(rails-core:unit-test-file, rails-core:observer-p)
(rails-core:mailer-p): allow passing nil
(rails-core:current-method-name): renamed from rails-core:current-function-name
* rails-scripts.el (rails-script:output-mode-popup-buffer,
rails-script:output-mode-push-first-button): created
(rails-script:output-mode): using hooks instead local-variables
* rails-rake.el (rails-rake:output-mode): using hooks instead local-variables
* rails-lib.el (buffer-visible-p): optimization, using `get-buffer-window'
* rails-model-layout.el (rails-model-layout:switch-to):
display message if file not exists
* rails-controller-layout.el (rails-controller-layout:switch-to):
display message if file not exists
* rails-model-layout.el (rails-model-layout:switch-to)
(rails-model-layout:menu): added migrations support
* rails-migration-minor-mode.el (rails-migration-minor-mode): popup menu entry
* rails-core.el (rails-core:model-exist-p): return nil if observer
or mailer
(rails-core:migration-file): allow passing a migration name
without number (ex. "CreateUsers")
(rails-core:current-model): added migrations support
(rails-core:migration-file): renamed from migrate-file
* rails-controller-layout.el (rails-controller-layout:switch-to):
added migration support
* inflections.el (singularize-string, pluralize-string): allow passing nil
2007-03-26 Dmitry Galinsky <>
* rails-find.el (rails-find:gen): call ido-find-file if possible
* rails-rake.el (rails-rake:report-result): prints results of all tests
* rails-ruby.el: fixed compilation warnning
* rails-rake.el, rails-scripts.el: updated, printed result of tests
* rails-lib.el, rails.el: fix compilation error [#9547]
* rails.el (rails-templates-list): added support "erb" and "liquid"
* rails-lib.el: fixed compilation warnings
* rails-rake.el: fixed compilation warnings
* rails-ui.el: updated
* rails-scripts.el: updated
(rails-script:rake-tests-alist): removed
* rails-ruby.el (run-ruby-in-buffer): moved from rails-scripts.el
* rails-rake.el: created
* rails-core.el (rails-core:migrations): added optional parameter to stip numbers
* rails-cmd-proxy.el (rails-cmd-proxy:start-process): created
* rails-scripts.el (rails-script:sentinel-proc): updated
(rails-script:generation-buffer-name): removed
(rails-script:run): updated
(rails-script:create-project): updated
* rails-lib.el (buffer-visible-p): created
* rails-core.el (rails-core:file): return nil if FILE-NAME is nil
2007-03-25 Dmitry Galinsky <>
* rails-log.el (rails-log:buffer-name): renamed from rails-log:get-buffer-name
* rails-core.el (rails-core:add-to-rails-menubar): removed
(rails-core:mailer-file): maked as alias
(rails-core:controller-name): renamed from rails-core:full-controller-name
(rails-core:regex-for-match-view): cleanup
(rails-core:button-action): created
* rails-find.el: created
* rails-navigation.el: moved rails-find-* to separate file rails-find.el
* rails.el (rails-find-file-function): removed variable
* rails-ui.el (rails-minor-mode-menu-bar-map): update indentation
* rails-scripts.el: refactored code
2007-03-24 Dmitry Galinsky <>
* rails-unit-test-minor-mode.el (rails-unit-test-minor-mode): fixed
* rails-navigation.el (rails-line-->controller+action): replace
call rails-core:open-controller+action to
* rails-snippets.el (snippet-insert): added advice
(rails-snippets-menu-list): updated snippets
* rails-ws.el (rails-ws:sentinel-proc): change format of the message
(rails-ws:start): fixed
* rails-navigation.el: removed old style goto-* functions
* rails.el (ruby-mode-hook): bind ruby-toggle-string<>symbol to [C-:] in ruby mode
* rails-ui.el (rails-minor-mode-map): added [M-S-up] & [M-S-down] hotkeys
* rails-snippets.el (rails-snippets-menu-list): updated, split snippets to separate modes
* rails-ruby.el (ruby-toggle-string<>simbol): created
* rails-migration-minor-mode.el (rails-migration-minor-mode): created
2007-03-23 Dmitry Galinsky <>
* rails.el (ruby-mode-hook): added [C-:] hotkey to easy switch between strings and symbols
* rails-ruby.el (ruby-toggle-string<>simbol): created
* rails.el (ruby-mode-hook): added [C-c f] hotkey to popup `major-menu-mode` menu
* rails-core.el (rails-core:menu-position): created variable
(rails-core:menu): using `rails-core:menu-position`
* rails-snippets.el (rails-snippets-menu-list): splited snippets into separate modes
* rails-navigation.el (rails-nav:goto-fixtures): created
* rails-core.el (rails-core:fixtures): created
* rails-view-minor-mode.el (rails-view-minor-mode): cleanup and switch to use
`rails-controller-layout`, added support mailers
* rails-unit-test-minor-mode.el (rails-unit-test-minor-mode): added support mailers
* rails-navigation.el (rails-nav:goto-mailers): created
* rails-model-layout.el: added support mailers
* rails-mailer-minor-mode.el: created
* rails-helper-minor-mode.el: cleanup and switch to use `rails-controller-layout`
* rails-functional-test-minor-mode.el: cleanup and switch to use
`rails-controller-layout`, added support mailers
* rails-core.el: created functions: rails-core:model-exist-p,
rails-core:mailer-file, rails-core:mailer-p, rails-core:mailers,
rails-core:current-function-name. Cleanup unsed functions.
* rails-controller-minor-mode.el: cleanup and switch to use `rails-controller-layout`
* rails-controller-layout.el: created
* rails.el (rails-directory<-->types): rename fixtures to fixture
* rails-unit-test-minor-mode.el: using functions from `rails-model-layout` to navigate
* rails-model-minor-mode.el: using functions from `rails-model-layout` to navigate
* rails-model-layout.el: created
* rails-lib.el (string=~): created, by Howard Yeh
* rails-fixture-minor-mode.el: created
* rails-core.el (rails-core:controller-exist-p): create
(rails-core:fixture-file): used `pluralize-string` to match fixture
(rails-core:current-model): used `pluralize-string` to match fixture
* inflections.el: created, by Howard Yeh
* rails-cmd-proxy.el: created
* rails-ws.el (rails-ws:stop): stopped server with interrupt-process
(rails-ws:start): starting server useing rails-cmd-proxy:start-process-shell-command
* rails.el (rails-apply-for-buffer-type): added support to load
new style submodes
* rails-lib.el (merge-abbrev-tables): created this function
* moved all rails-for-* to rails-*-minor-mode
* rails-snippets.el (rails-snippets-menu-list): closed bug #9460,
incorect indentation in snippets
2007-03-19 Dmitry Galinsky <>
* rails-scripts.el (rails-rake): restore ask to save modified
buffers before run rake test:*
* rails-core.el (rails-core:layout-file): support template types
on go to layout menu
* rails-for-controller.el (rails-controller:create-view-for-action): create function
(rails-controller:switch-to-view): allow select template type on create
* rails.el: add support haml template engine
2007-03-15 Dmitry Galinsky <>
* rails-scripts.el (rails-rake-tests): using `compile`
* rails-ui.el (rails-minor-mode-menu-bar-map): add (interactive)
to lambda functions
2007-03-13 Dmitry Galinsky <>
* rails-for-model.el: create
* rails-for-unit-test.el: create
* rails-core.el (rails-core:buffer-type): support lambda
expression in rails-directory<-->types
* rails-scripts.el (rails-rake): ask to save modified buffers
before run rake test:*
2007-02-02 Dmitry Galinsky <>
* rails-snippets.el (rails-snippets-menu-list): bug #8381 (bad
"ff" snippet)
2007-01-30 Dmitry Galinsky <>
* rails-snippets.el: create and place into it all snippets code
* rails-ui.el: drop snippets declaration, make separate menu
2007-01-29 Dmitry Galinsky <>
* rails-lib.el: create function compile-snippet and
* rails-ui.el (ruby-mode-abbrev-table): add mai snippet (add_index
in migrations)
* rails.el (rails-db-parameters): patch #8232 (by Ronaldo Ferraz)
Console is not starting because env is not quoted in the function
call, resulting in a Ruby error
* rails-ws.el, rails-wi.el: patch #8233 (by Ronaldo Ferraz) Fixes
a couple of UI messages and allows web server selection auto-save
2007-01-28 Dmitry Galinsky <>
* *.el: fix bytecompile warnings
* rails-core.el: remove dublicate of fucntion rails-core:helper-file
* rails-navigation.el: patch #8228
* rails.el (ruby-mode-hook): remove variables tab-width and indent-tabs
* rails-ws.el: make variable rails-ws:default-server-type are
customized (to fix #8223)
* rails-lib.el: add cross declaration indent-or-complete (to fix #8221)
2007-01-27 Dmitry Galinsky <>
* rails-for-controller.el (rails-controller:switch-with-menu):
call rails-controller:switch-to-view for "Current view"
* rails-log.el (rails-log:open-file): run rails-minor-mode in log buffer
* rails-ui.el: update "Open log" menu
* rails.el: relete function rails-open-log, and place all log
related fuction to rails-log.el
* rails-log.el: create
* rails-lib.el (apply-colorize-to-buffer): create
* rails-ws.el: update rails-ws:*browser* functions
* rails.el (rails-directory<-->types): add plugin directory
* rails-for-view.el (rails-view:switch-with-menu): update menu title
* rails-for-plugin.el: create
* rails-for-helper.el (rails-helper:switch-with-menu): update menu
* rails-for-functional-test.el (rails-for-functional-test:switch-with-menu):
* rails-for-controller.el (rails-controller:switch-with-menu):
update menu title
* rails-core.el (rails-core:menu): fix menu position
add new functions rails-core:plugin-files, rails-core:plugin-file,
2007-01-26 Dmitry Galinsky <>
* rails-ui.el (rails-minor-mode-menu-bar-map): rename menu item
WEBrick to Web Server. Update menu group Web Server
* rails.el (rails-ws): add variable rails-default-environment
* rails-ws.el: rename from rails-webrick, complete rewrite and
* rails-navigation.el (rails-nav:create-goto-menu): now support
nested lists in append-to-menu (ex. (list (cons) (cons)))
(rails-nav:create-new-layout): cleanup
(rails-nav:goto-layouts): cleanup
* rails-core.el
(rails-core:plugins): fix invalid path passed into directory-files
(rails-core:layouts): new function
* rails-for-view.el (rails-for-view): remove detect mmm-mode,
always apply hotkeys to mmm-mode-map (if exist)
* rails.el: apply ruby-mode to *.rake files and setup utf8 encoding
* rails-lib.el (list->alist): skip if LIST entry is list
2007-01-25 Dmitry Galinsky <>
* rails-navigation.el, rails-ui.el: add rails-nav:goto-plugins
* rails-ruby.el: remove advice for ruby-indent-command
* rails-lib.el (def-snips): fix indentation
* rails-core.el: fix list ordered in rails-core:* add
* rails.el (rails-open-log): fix path to log file
* rails.el: cleanup initialization code
2007-01-24 Dmitry Galinsky <>
* rails-ui.el: create key bindings and menu items to latest
* rails-scripts.el: add more targets to generate and destroy
cleanup targets create variables: rails-generate-params-list,
* rails-navigation.el: create another implementation menu:
rails-nav:goto-file-with-menu-from-list, rewrite rails:nav:goto-*
to use this
* rails-core.el: rewrite rails-core:(controllers,models,etc), add
more functions to lookup plugins, migrations, etc
2007-01-23 Dmitry Galinsky <>
* rails-scripts.el (rails-rake-tests): store selected value, set it to default
* rails-webrick.el (rails-webrick:start): fix #8088 (Akira Ikeda)
* rails-core.el: add rails-core to eval-when-compile
* rails-ui.el (rails-minor-mode-map): rebind some hotkeys fix
snippents (bad indent after end ruby keyword)
* rails-scripts.el: complete rewrite all script functions to using autocomplete
* rails.el (rails-db-parameters): apply patch #8065 (thanks Akira Ikeda)
2007-01-22 Dmitry Galinsky <>
* rails-ui.el (ruby-mode-abbrev-table): fix indentation for `end' ruby keyword
2007-01-21 Dmitry Galinsky <>
rename rails-for-rhtml to rails-for-view add rails-for-helper
functionaly add *:switch-with-menu for helpers, functional-test
cleanup rails-for-controller, rails-for-view
* rails.el: remove rails-for-alist using rails-directory<-->type
for match current type and apply specific mode
* rails-scripts.el (rails-run-script): fix #8035
* rails-lib.el (yml-value): fix #8037
2007-01-13 Dmitry Galinsky <>
* rails-core.el: apply patch #7342
2007-01-09 ronaldo <>
* rails.el: added a host parameter to the rails-db-conf struct
fixed problems with YAML parameter parsing
in (rails-db-parameters) simplified (rails-db-parameters) to avoid
using database.yml directly
(rails-run-sql) now changes directory to the root for the benefit
of sqlite3
* rails-lib.el: changed yml-next-value to yml-value and added a
broader search scope
2007-01-08 ronaldo <>
* rails.el: added support for other ri utilities (fast-ri, for
example) added support for coloring on ri buffer
2006-12-25 Dmitry Galinsky <>
* rails-lib.el (yml-next-value): return nil if key not found
* rails.el: add sqlite support
2006-12-18 Dmitry Galinsky <>
* rails-core.el (rails-core:class-by-file): fix lowercase letter after "::"
* rails-for-rhtml.el: apply patch #7300
* rails-for-controller.el: apply patch #7300
* rails.el: apply patch #7301, #7295
* rails-lib.el (rails-lib:run-secondary-switch): apply patch #7314
2006-12-11 ronaldo <>
* rails-scripts.el: fixed problems with prompt patterns in the
inferior ruby mode call
2006-12-05 ronaldo <>
* rails.el: added support for minimal helper switching
* rails-for-helper.el: added support for minimal helper switching
2006-12-03 ronaldo <>
* rails.el: added a customization option to use Emacs w3m for API
* rails-lib.el: added a function to aid in browsing the API with
Emacs w3m
2006-12-03 Dmitry Galinsky <>
* rails-ruby.el (ruby-indent-command): using around filter
* rails.el (ruby-mode-hook): symbols _ and : interpreted as word
* rails-core.el (rails-core:class-by-file): apply patch #6377
* rails-webrick.el: Apply patch from Ray Baxter: remove
rails-webrick:open-url and add rails-webrick:server-name
2006-12-01 ronaldo <>
* rails.el: fixed to load needed ruby inferior mode (inf-ruby)
added a couple of new customization options
* rails-ui.el reordered the snippets menu alphabetically changed
the key sequences for the tests scripts to use a more intuitive
* rails.el: refactored and renamed rails-configured-api-root to
rails-has-api-root added a minor customization to the default
layout template minor documentation fixes
* rails-lib.el: add (rails-alternative-browse-url)
* rails-scripts.el: added an indication of the task being run on
rake calls fixed the inferior-mode call in (run-ruby-in-buffer) to
work on w32 added an alternative way to browse API URLs on Windows
in case the primary way fails added messages to the test scripts
2006-12-01 Dmitry Galinsky <>
* rails-navigation.el: add "go to action" "go to partial" now
support insert_html|replace_html
* rails-core.el: add rails-core:view-name
2006-11-30 ronaldo <>
* *.el: fixed documentation strings to better reflect Emacs
* rails-ruby.el: changed ruby-indent-or-complete into an
advice (it works in text-only terminals now) * rails-ui.el: added
a bunch of new snippets refactored key sequences to follow proper
mode conventions added new menus (rake tests, customize, start
default webrick) changed switch menu to use a richer set of
* rails-scripts.el: added rake tasks for tests (all, integration,
functional, unit and recent tests)
* rails-core.el: added a check for the API docs, allowing the user
to generate them if needed added a check for the existence of the
API files to avoid unnecessary messages
* rails.el: changed the default layout template and moved it to a
customization variable
2006-11-29 ronaldo <>
* rails-for-controller.el: fixed to use rails-core:menu
* rails-core.el: added a way to automatically recognize if it's
running under a text-only terminal to avoid crashing Emacs when
using x-popup-menu
* rails-for-rhtml: changed to use rails-core:menu instead of
2006-11-28 ronaldo <>
* rails-core.el: created a set of customization options
(customize-group 'rails)
* rails-for-rhtml: fixed the partial creation functions to allow
both transient and non-transient markers
2006-10-03 Dmitry Galinsky <>
* rails.el: do not apply untabify in makefile-mode
* rails-ruby.el: small fix in ruby-indent-or-complete
2006-06-10 CrazyPit <>
* rails-core.el: rails-quoted-file (needed to fix bug with space
in path)
* rails-navigation.el: new rules to
rails-goto-file-on-current-line, rails-find for fixtures
* rails.el: rails-browse-api
* rails-lib.el: new helper functions write-string-to-file,
* rails-webrick.el: fix bug with space in path
* rails-scipts.el: add caching for rake tasks
2006-04-19 CrazyPit <>
* rails-navigation.el: rails-nav:create-new-layout updated, text
moved to variable rails-layout-template, name add. rails goto file
from string for layout now used rails-nav:create-new-layout if
layout with this name does not exist
* rails.el: add modify syntax to ruby-mode-hook for "!" symbol,
add local modifying syntax for rails-browse-api-at-point
2006-04-17 Dmitry Galinsky <>
* rails-ui.el: apply snippets to nxml-mode-abbrev-table
2006-04-11 Dmitry Galinsky <>
* rails-for-controller.el
(rails-controller:switch-to-view): using rais-core:menu
(rails-controller:switch-with-menu): using rails-core:menu
* rails-navigation.el: new function rails-nav:create=new-layout
(rails-nav:goto-file-with-menu): add optional parameter
* rails-for-rhtml.el: drop
* rails-for-controller.el: drop
(rails-controller:switch-with-menu): mark partials, add separator
* rails-lib.el (snippet-menu-line): add snippet abbrevation in
* rails-ui.el (rails-minor-mode-menu-bar-map): drop menu
items [webrick brows], [webrick auto-brows]
2006-04-04 CrazyPit <>
* rails-navigation.el, rails-lib.el, rails-ui.el: rails-lib:goto-*
renamed to rails-nav:goto-* and moved to rails-navigation.el
2006-04-01 CrazyPit <>
* rails-core.el: new function js-file, partial-name updated.
* rails-navigation.el: new rule for switching line to
file (rails-line-->js)
* rails-scipts.el: bugfix in run-ruby-in-buffer
* rails-ui.el: new snippet %for
* rails-webrick.el: rails-webrick:start now interactive,
auto-open-browser work only in controllers and views.
* rails.el: bugfix in rails-create-tags
2006-03-31 CrazyPit <>
* rails-navigation.el: rails-goto-file-from-file change, now use
funcall instead rails-goto-menu-call, function
rails-goto-menu-call removed.
* rails-for-controller.el: views-for-current-action now using lexical closures.
* rails-lib.el: fix bug in snippet-menu-line
* rails.el: fix bug in rails-get-api-entries
2006-03-30 CrazyPit <>
* rails.el: interface to Rails HTML API
documentaion. rails-browse-api-at-point, rails-browse-api-method,
rails-browse-api-class, rails-get-api-entries
* rails-lib.el: new function capital-word-p
* rails-scipts.el: Rake integration - new functions rails-rake and
rails-rake-tasks. Running ruby consoles and breakpointers in
separated buffers for each project: new functions
run-ruby-in-buffer, rails-run-interactive and rails-run-console,
rails-run-breakpointer updated
* rails-core.el new macro in-root
* rails.el: new variable rails-tags-command, rails-open-log now
interactive + cleanup, rails-create-tags cleanup, new hook for
dired mode
* rails-navigation.el: new variable rails-find-file-function, 3
new rails-finds.
* rails-ui.el: cleanup, add many new hotkeys
2006-03-28 CrazyPit <>
* rails-ui.el: create rails-ui.el, move UI code from rails.el to
* rails-navigation.el: rails-goto-controller-->view,
rails-goto-view-->controller rails-goto-all-->simple,
rails-goto-all-->helper, rails-goto-all-->functional-test,
rails-goto-all-->controller extracted to other files. Refactoring
of rails-goto-file-from-file-actions and rails-goto-file-from-file
now run-time generation and invisible, helper function
rails-goto-menu-call. menu items available.
* rails-for-rhtml.el: switch-to-controller-action added
* rails-for-controller.el:
views-for-current-action. switch-by-current-controller,
switch-to-functional-test, switch-to-helper, switch-to-view2,
switch-to-controller -- extracted with renaming from
* rails-core.el: fix in functional-test-file, +
long-controller-name added, rails-core:menu upadte (posn-at-point
call added)
2006-03-28 Dmitry Galinsky <>
* rails-for-controller.el: new functions
(rails-for-controller): setup variables rails-primary-switch-func,
* rails-core.el (rails-core:helper-file): fix invalid path
(rails-core:functional-test-file): fix invalid path
(rails-core:get-view-files): ACTION is optional parameter
* rails-for-rhtml.el: new functions rails-rhtml:switch-with-menu,
(rails-for-rhtml): setup variables rails-primary-switch-func,
* rails.el: add variables rails-primary-switch-func,
* rails-lib.el: add interactive functions
2006-03-28 CrazyPit <>
* rails.el: rails-run-sql with stuff
* rails-navigation.el: rails finds added
* rails-scipts.el: generators/destroyers, shells and rails-create
project added from test branch
* rails-navigation.el: rails-goto-file-on-current-line and
rails-goto-file-from-file function with stuff added from test
2006-03-27 CrazyPit <>
* rails-lib.el: many helper functions from test branch added
* rails-core.el: functions from test branch added, class-by-file
updated + new variable rails-core:class-dirs, get-model-view
* rails-webrick.el: open-browser updated,
open-browser-on-controller, auto-open-browser added
2006-03-22 Dmitry Galinsky <>
* rails-core.el: add macro rails-core:local-add-to-rails-menubar
2006-03-21 Dmitry Galinsky <>
* rails.el: split into two files
* rails-core.el: move to this all helper function and macros