The one-liner to spin up a code search engine
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The one-liner to spin up a code search engine

OpenGrok is a code search engine made by Sun (and now Oracle). It provides similar functions to LXR but more. This project encapsulated OpenGrok into a docker container. Allowing you to start an instance of OpenGrok by one command.


To start the OpenGrok, simply run:

docker run -d -v [source to be indexed on host]:/src -p [public port]:8080 steinwaywhw/opengrok

It may take a while for the indexer to finish the first-time indexing, after that, the search engine is available at http://host:[public port]/source/.


The project supports dynamic index updating through inotifywait recursively on the source folder. However, touch doesn't help. You should add or delete or modify the content of some source file to make it happen.