A modified version of astyle (http://astyle.sourceforge.net) to support the Steinwurf coding style
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This is a modified version of astyle: http://astyle.sourceforge.net

Our intention is to patch astyle to follow the Steinwurf coding style as closely as possible: http://docs.steinwurf.com/coding_style.html

The Steinwurf codebase contains some heavily-templated C++11 code that can be a true challenge for a code formatting tool. A comprehensive example for this coding style is located here: https://github.com/steinwurf/astyle/blob/master/test/correct_style.cpp

Quick start

If you already installed a C++11 compiler, git and python on your system, then you can clone this repository to a suitable folder:

git clone git@github.com:steinwurf/astyle.git

Configure and build the project (use the cxx_default mkspec, because fabric will look for the astyle binary at this default location):

cd astyle
python waf configure --cxx_mkspec=cxx_default
python waf build

Running astyle manually

First of all, you should copy the .astylerc options file to your home folder.

On Unix systems:

cp .astylerc ~

On Windows:

copy .astylerc %USERPROFILE%\astylerc

After this, you can call astyle to format a single file (be careful, because it will not make a backup for the original file):

build/cxx_default/astyle test.cpp --print-changes

The --print-changes option prints out every line that is changed during the formatting. This is especially useful with the --dry-run option that will not write any modifications to the file:

build/cxx_default/astyle test.cpp --print-changes --dry-run

Warning: Be careful about the working directory if you invoke the following command, because you can accidentally format a lot of files!

You can format all C/C++ source files within the current directory with the recursive search (-R) option:

cd my-project
path/to/astyle -Q -R *.cpp *.hpp *.c *.h --print-changes

With the -Q option, astyle will only display information about the formatted files (it will not list the unchanged files).

Instead of copying .astylerc to your home folder, you can also specify the options file directly. The file can change in the future, so this is the recommended solution if you want to invoke astyle from your IDE:

cd my-project
path/to/astyle --options=/path/to/.astylerc -Q -R *.cpp *.hpp *.c *.h --print-changes

Running astyle with fabric (for Steinwurf projects)

For convenience, we also have fabric tasks to run astyle on Steinwurf projects.

The astyle.format_code task will format all C/C++ source files in the selected project:

fab astyle.format_code:my-project

You can also add update_astyle=True to automatically update the astyle project and build the latest binary:

fab astyle.format_code:my-project,update_astyle=True

The astyle.check_code task will not make any changes in the C/C++ source files, it will only print the required changes in the selected project:

fab astyle.check_code:my-project

Integrating astyle with the Atom text editor

After building astyle, please install the following packages in Atom:

apm install formatter
apm install formatter-astyle

In the settings for formatter-astyle, point to the astyle binary in build/cxx_default and to the .astylerc file in the root of this repository.

The keyboard shortcuts can be found in the settings for the formatter package.