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Internal repository for testing the Kodo top level projects:

Note: kodo-core is considered purely a dependency and not a top-level repository. It provides building blocks for instantiating erasure correcting codes but no stand-alone functionality.

The basic idea is to allow a developer (you) to work on the Kodo projects as if they were located in the same repository.

As a simple example. A bug is reported against kodo-core you can set the branch for kodo-core here and rebuild all kodo repositories with that version.

Quick start

To quickly get going and build all of Kodo you can run:

./waf configure --resolve_path ~/dev/bundle_dependencies --fast_resolve
./waf build --run_tests


  1. Ensure that dependencies of all Kodo repositories are in sync. I.e. they use the same version of kodo-core but also other dependent libraries. This goal is easily achieved since our resolve framework will already ensure that.

  2. Make it possible to test changes in a dependency without having to open branches in each Kodo top level repository.

Work flow

In the master branch of kodo-dev we have the Kodo top-level repositories in resolve.json

The basic idea is that we use the following approach:

  1. Locally lock the paths to the repositories you are working on. This can be done with the following approach:

    1. Add user paths to configure, e.g. --kodo-core-path=/my/path. Add as many as needed.
    2. Add --lock_paths to configure.


    ./waf configure --boost_path ../new-boost --lock_paths
  2. To ensure that your changes are available on the buildbot add/modify the dependencies you are working on in resolve.json. Use the override=True property to make sure that your version of the dependency is used.

Example: Force all projects to use the master branch of kodo-core

To do this you can add the following to resolve.json:

        "name": "kodo-core",
        "resolver": "git",
        "method": "checkout",
        "checkout": "master",
        "override": true,
        "sources": [

You can replace "master" with a different branch name you want to test with.