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News for storage

This file lists the major changes between versions. For a more detailed list of every change, see the Git log.


  • Patch: is_equal and is_same now allows parameter types that differs so that const_storages and mutable_storages can be compared.


  • Major: Removed operator+= and operator+, use storage::offset instead.
  • Major: Added storage::offset.
  • Major: Added storage::shrink.
  • Major: Added storage::slice.
  • Major: storage.m_data and storage.m_size no private. They can be accessed with data() and size().
  • Major: storage object may no longer have data pointers to null and a size of 0. This also means the default constructor is gone. Use third-party construct like boost::optional instead.


  • Minor: Added helper for creating storage objects from std::arrays


  • Major: Upgrade to waf-tools 4
  • Minor: Upgrade to gtest 4


  • Minor: Adding operator==(...) to allow using algorithms that compare stuff that way.


  • Major: Renamed storage_size to size, storage_cast to cast, storage_copy to copy, zero_storage to fill_zero, split_storage to split.
  • Major: Changed the structure of the repository to be one file per definition.
  • Major: Changed the storage use flag to storage_includes.


  • Major: Initial release.